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Miss Molly McMaster

We picked up Molly almost 3 months ago as a foster to adopt greyhound. Incredibly nervous about bringing a 3yo brindle into an apartment in the city and even more nervous about how she would respond to her owner being a wheelchair user.

Basically, we have learnt that greyhounds are beautiful gentle dogs, hardly shed bark or jump and loooovee to sleep!

Molly is the perfect pet for us, we both work full time, so she can have up to 8+ hours alone in the apartment, and handles it like a champion, (based on our video recordings), its mainly rolling between various sleeping positions, the “roach” will never stop being funny!, and looking incredibly cute always! Molly was incredibly quick to learn her new routine, and understand the change in environment- was nervous in the elevator at first, but now loves looking at herself in the mirror!

As a person with a disability, I would absolutely recommend a greyhound as a companion pet, she is so gentle, and calm on the lead, and would never pull while out on a walk. And coming home to her smiling face is the highlight of my day!

Molly has recently passed her Greenhound assessment, so now we can walk muzzle-free, and she is free to sniff everything she passes!

Adopting a greyhound has been one of the best decisions we have ever made, she is a wonderful addition to the apartment and our lives.

– Adopted by the McMaster family (Little Bay, NSW)