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Beating The Heat: How To Care For Your Greyhound This Summer

With summer in full swing and temperatures of over 40c in some parts of the country, it’s important to make sure you’re looking out for your greyhound in the heat!

Due to their physique, greyhounds are much more susceptible to extreme weather compared to other breeds. This is why it is essential for owners to take precautions to avoid serious problems such as heat stroke, which can be deadly for dogs.

Check out this great graphic below from Murdoch University which explains some of the signs and dangers of heat stroke.

heat-stroke greyhound

Here are some basic ways for you and your greyhound to beat the heat this summer:


It’s important to ensure that your greyhound has plenty of access to a cool, shady area if left outside. However, we would encourage owners to bring their furry friends inside and into the air conditioning if possible.

shade greyhound


Make sure to provide plenty of fresh, cool water in large containers. Providing multiple sources of water is encouraged in case one is spilt or used. Water sources should be placed in the shade and consider adding ice to keep it cooler for longer!

water bowl greyhound


During summer, it is recommended that you avoid excessive exercise with your greyhound and only take short walks in the coolest periods of the day (early morning and night). It is also good practise to check the temperature of the cement before walking on any footpaths. Burns to the pads on dog paws are common injuries during summer.

Another important warning is to NEVER leave your pet in a hot car during warm weather.

car greyhound
If you are looking for some more creative ways to beat the heat, check these out:

Doggy Paddle Pools

Fill up a small wadding or kids pool with cold water and your greyhounds favourite toys and they’ll be laying back cooling off in no time! Make sure to place the pool in the shade as well. Check out some of our GAP graduates kicking back in their pools!
water 1 water 2 water 3 water 4


Nothing is better than frozen ice block on a hot summers day! Make sure your greyhounds get in on the action as well by making them some of their very own pup-sicles. There’s plenty of dog friendly flavours such as chicken, bacon and Banana and Peanut Butter. You can find lots of recipes online but here’s a link to some of our favourites –

Pup-sicle 2 Pup-sicle 1

High-Tech Solutions

If your looking for some modern ways to keep your greyhound cool, you could consider products like cooling vests, mats and bandanas. These products are generally made of durable and safe materials, and some even come with replaceable cooling inserts. Some of these products can be a tad pricey, but if your greyhound is especially sensitive to the heat, they may be worth researching.

Greyhound Cool Vest Cool Vest

Hopefully after trying some of these ideas out, your greyhound will be cool as a cucumber!