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Two Greyhounds

Double Your Love, Double Your Fun… Take on Two Greyhounds Instead of One

If you think taking on two greyhounds sounds a little crazy, think again. You might just be doing what’s best for you and your four-legged friend.

Greyhounds are pack animals… so chances are the one you love at home will have grown up with other greyhounds, played with them, trained with them, enjoyed regular meals with them and curled up beside them to sleep. They’re used to having company 24/7 and while they’ll love the opportunity to spend time with you, they’ll really blossom with another greyhound mate – especially if you go out to work.

As a greyhound owner, you’ll find two dogs gives you more time… I know – surprise! Even though you’ve now got two mouths to feed and eight legs begging for a walk, you’ll find that with two greyhounds in the house you can get on with your tasks while they get on with entertaining – and exhausting – themselves!

You might even find your home environment moves into a happy equilibrium as your greyhounds exert positive influence over each other’s personality. A super shy greyhound might be encouraged to shine by a more confident friend, while a particularly busy hound might be encouraged to chill out – at least for a while!

How to Choose a Companion for Your Friend

Here are a few tips on how to choose a companion for your beloved four-legged friend:

  • Make your greyhound part of the selection process, take her along to the kennels when you go to choose her companion;
  • If possible choose a greyhound of the opposite sex – you’ll find a male and a female will enjoy a more harmonious relationship;
  • If you choose two dogs of the same sex, make sure one has a stronger character than the other – she will be the natural pack leader;
  • First impressions count – if one of the greyhounds show signs of aggression or high anxiety, choose an alternative friend;
  • Introduce your greyhounds gently using muzzles and leads and maintain this controlled environment until you’re 100% sure of their compatibility;
  • Encourage dominance in your pack leader by greeting, feeding and making a fuss of her first;
  • Always maintain your role as the ultimate pack leader.

Take Your Time Deciding

Taking on two greyhounds is a big decision with long term consequences and additional expense. So, if you’re not sure whether to double the fun in your house just yet, consider dabbling with the idea by fostering a greyhound first.