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Getting to know your dogs’ stomach

Just like humans, dogs stomachs are filled with gas that moves around the intestines which can sometimes make gurgling noises. This is a normal bodily function and should not be a cause of alarm, unless you notice bloating, or your dog is showing signs of pain.

So how do you know when you should be concerned? Here are some common stomach gurgling situations you should know about:

Hunger sounds

Most of the time, the gurgling sound is a result of your dog being hungry. Because dogs intestines are not filled with large quantities of food, there is a higher ratio of gas to solids. The movement of the gas produces an audible ‘tummy rumble’ and can be remedied with food.

Consumed the wrong food

Intestinal upset can occur when dogs eat food they shouldn’t have (like when they find their way into the bin or take a sneaky bite of your food). Usually, the symptoms are mild and will pass on their own.

Serious cases may induce diarrhea and vomiting, in these instances you should consult your Vet immediately to avoid serious issues such as pancreatitis.

Bloat disorder

Bloat is a disorder that can occur in large dogs with deep chests (such as greyhounds). Bloat is often associated with a twist in the gut which restricts breathing, damages the gut and can result in death in serious cases.

Symptoms include restlessness, swollen stomach, shortness of breath, attempts (although often unsuccessful) to vomit and/or passing of larger amounts of faeces and gas often within a few hours of eating. If your dog exhibits any of these symptoms, this is a medical emergency and the dog should be taken to a vet immediately (regardless of the time).


Painful gurgling noises are often accompanied by sluggishness and loss of appetite. If your dog appears to be in pain, visit your Vet as soon as possible. Your dog may be suffering from some serious issues including intestinal parasites, toxins or foreign objects, reactions to medications, or metabolic problems.

You know your dog best, if your pooch’s stomach regularly makes loud noises but he generally seems fine, then the chances are there is nothing wrong with your pet. If something seems off with your dog’s stomach, a check at the Vet is probably wise.