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Keeping your home tidy with pets

Keeping your home consistently tidy and smelling fresh can be a challenge, adding a dog to the mix complicates things even more.

There’s no denying that dogs bring love, warmth and joy to a home. But they also bring the outdoors in with them, as well as hair, dirt and often funky smells. The good news is you can have a happy pet and a clean home at the same time.

Here are our top tips:

  • A good vacuum is worth the investment

Whether you have floorboards, carpet or tiles, a good vacuum is the easiest way to pick up fur, dirt, and debris bought in from outside. If you can afford it, there are 2-in-1 vacuums that have been designed specifically for homes with pets. Machines like the Bissel CrossWave Pet, vacuum and mop at the same time and can be used on hard floors and rugs. You can even buy the cordless model for quick and effortless everyday cleaning or make easy work of accidents in the home.

  • Clean up accidents immediately

Use an enzyme-based cleaner on accidents to help break down stains and eliminate associated odours. Scrub and lift as much from the surface as possible and come back to the stain for a second or third treatment if necessary

  • Use a pet throw blanket

If your pooch likes to snuggle up with you on the couch or in bed, use a waterproof pet throw blanket to stop fur and odours getting into your furniture. Throws can easily be thrown into the wash to freshen them up, you can also keep 2 throws on hand to alternate use between washes.

  • Machine washable pet bed

Invest in a machine-washable pet bed (or pet bed topper) so you can simply wash away fur, dirt and odours in the washing machine. Try using an enzyme-based washing detergent to tackle tough odours.

  • Wash or wipe away dirt

We know that dogs are living their best life when rolling around in dirt and mud, often dirt can become trapped deep in their coat and cause bad odours. To avoid washing your dog too often (which can dry out their skin), give your dog a quick rinse or wipe down with a moist towel to dislodge any dirt or pollen they may have picked up on a walk or in the backyard.