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Lovable Loki

When Pip decided to adopt, it was essential to select a breed that was sweet-natured, as well as being low maintenance with minimal shedding. That’s when she found Loki the greyhound, who has made their household a whole lot happier and healthier (thanks to all the extra walks).

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Winx Former Strapper finds New Best Friend

For four years they were inseparable as the queen of racing captured the hearts and minds of a nation winning 33 races in succession. But 12 months since Winx said goodbye, Candice Persijn has a new girl in her life.

Candice was the strapper for the superstar mare, always there, right by her side, be it on raceday, at the stables, or on those cold early mornings at the track, when even the clock was still asleep.

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My Greyhound Story – meet Whiskey

When Jill McNally adopted a greyhound from the GAP NSW program, she had no idea the impact it would have on her life.

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