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Lovable Loki

When Pip decided to adopt, it was essential to select a breed that was sweet-natured, as well as being low maintenance with minimal shedding. That’s when she found Loki the greyhound, who has made their household a whole lot happier and healthier (thanks to all the extra walks).

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Archie Dimity

Champion off the Track – Archie the Greyhound

Archie the greyhound was a star performer on the track – and now he is proving a champion off it.

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Mintie – Big in Japan

Greyhounds As Pets (GAP) has bade a fond farewell – or perhaps that should be ‘sayonara’ – to globetrotting greyhound Mintie.

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Miss Molly McMaster

We picked up Molly almost 3 months ago as a foster to adopt greyhound. Incredibly nervous about bringing a 3yo brindle into an apartment in the city and even more nervous about how she would respond to her owner being a wheelchair user.

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