Sex: Male
Age: 1.5 Years
Microchip Number: 956000009596397

Looking for some entertainment? No need for a TV show streaming subscription, this silly boy and his hilarious antics have got you covered!

Only almost 2 years old, Taz definitely still has that puppy streak in him. Whether it’s tossing toys around in the air, sliding along hardwood floors or bounding around the yard like a kangaroo, Taz will bring a smile to your face every single day. Due to his higher energy levels, Taz would be best suited to an owner(s) who enjoys a bit more exercise and play time. But don’t worry – Taz’s silly moments come in bursts which alternate with lots of naps!

Taz would prefer his humans to be around more often than not and would be ok for part time hours alone. Having another medium to large dog to hang out with would be even better and would help him cope with longer hours alone. Taz will wait patiently for you to get home… so he can finally go for walkies! While he can be excited at first, Taz eventually settles into a rhythm and becomes a chill walking partner. Oh, and get ready to say hi to your neighbours! Taz is a very social boy who loves to make friends with everyone he comes across.

Taz is ready when you are! He is available now on a foster-to-adopt basis.

Medical Notes

As well as being behaviourally assessed, TAZ has:

  • a C5 vaccination
  • been desexed
  • been microchipped
  • been intestinally wormed
  • been heartworm tested
  • had flea and heartworm prevention
*(no need to register with your council – this is all done as part of the Lifetime Registration)

Application Process

  1. Choose your new greyhound to love
  2. Fill out this application form
  3. We will contact you to chat about final arrangements
  4. Welcome your greyhound into your home and receive ongoing support
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