Looking for more than long walks on the beach and playing fetch?

Are regular walks with your greyhound getting a bit boring? Or maybe you might be looking for some fun and rewarding things to do with your greyhounds? Well, Greyhounds As Pets has put together a list of some cool activities that you and your greyhound could try out! Read more

Greyhounds As Pets Is Heading To The Easter Show!

Greyhounds As Pets is excited to announce that it will be heading to the 2017 Sydney Royal Easter Show for the first time in many years. Read more

It’s Time To Hit The Beach With Your Greyhound

Greyhounds don’t need hours of exercise but the opportunity to go outside and explore the sights (and scents) can be just as enticing for them as it is for all of us. Read more

Adopt a Senior Greyhound? Well I Never…

If you’ve never thought about adopting a senior greyhound, think again!

Greyhounds lead long healthy lives, with a life span of around 12 – 14 years, and by the time they’re six, they’re pretty much classified as seniors. They’re full sized, well behaved and, while they enjoy a bit of physical and mental stimulation, they’re well and truly over nipping at your ankles for constant attention or a walk. Read more

Champion off the Track – Archie the Greyhound

Archie the greyhound was a star performer on the track – and now he is proving a champion off it.

Read more

Loyal Companions: Why Greyhounds Will Never Let You Down

If you’re looking for a loyal companion for you or your family… then look no further than a greyhound! Our four legged friends offer more love than you ever imagined possible – they’re ever adoring, eager to please and always ready to be at your side. Dogs are partners that never let you down – and here are ten reasons why!

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Beating The Heat: How To Care For Your Greyhound This Summer

With summer in full swing and temperatures of over 40c in some parts of the country, it’s important to make sure you’re looking out for your greyhound in the heat! Read more

2016 Year In Review

Every year Greyhounds As Pets gets bigger and bigger and 2016 was no exception! Our program had its best year on record for adoptions, community awareness and media coverage. We thought we would take a look back on the highlights of last year before we look forward to an even more successful 2017. Read more

Greyhounds – Everything You Need To Know!

Let’s check out our ultimate guide to find out everything about greyhounds!

To really understand what your new greyhound is thinking and feeling is like learning a new language – greyhound ‘language’! You are giving your new pet an amazing opportunity to transition to the next chapter of its life.  Read more

I fostered a greyhound: This is what they’re like as pets

IN A year of Brexit and Donald Trump becoming President, one of Australia’s most potent political symbols of 2016 is also one of the most unlikely: Greyhounds.

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