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Dogs are not immune to the cold – recognising and treating hypothermia

As the daylight hours become shorter, the nights become cooler and Winter rolls in, it’s important that we limit the health risks to dogs associated with a drop in temperature.

When we get cold, we just put on a nice thick jumper or jacket but dogs can’t do that. Regional NSW can regularly drop below zero and if your dog lives outside they could get very cold. Greyhounds in particular, are susceptive to hypothermia due to their low level of body fat and thin skin. One of the risks of prolonged exposure to the cold is hypothermia. This occurs when the dog’s core body temperature is below 37º.

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Wanted: GAP Greyhound Foster Carers in the Northern Rivers Region

If you have been considering becoming a dog foster carer and want to make a real difference to the life of a greyhound by preparing them for pet life, we would love to hear from you.

We are currently in need of Foster Carers in the Grafton/Lismore region in Northern NSW where we have greyhounds ready to be placed into homes and begin their adoption journey through our Northern Rivers Regional GAP Program.

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Five ways to get the most out of training your greyhound

Anyone who has tried to research dog training online knows that there is a wealth of different opinions of how best to train dogs- greyhounds included. Trying to separate fact from fiction can be quite overwhelming.

Nowadays, the scientific consensus around dog training is that it should rely on positive reinforcement and classical conditioning.

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A Thank You During National Volunteer Week

At Greyhounds as Pets, we believe our volunteers have the biggest hearts of them all!

They dedicate their valuable time to attend events and adoption days to help find the very best homes for our greyhounds.

They help at our Adoption Centres to spend quality time with our dogs and ensure that they are happy and healthy.

They open up their homes to foster our greyhounds and help prepare them for pet life.

During National Volunteer Week we acknowledge and thank our volunteers for their continued dedication and hard work.

Without their support, we would not be where we are as an organisation today.

Thank You !

Do’s & Don’ts of dogs and children

Most adult animal lovers began their journey with their childhood dog, whose strong friendship gave them countless fond memories. To ensure both child and dog become the best of friends, kids should be taught that dogs are not a toy, they have the same kind of feelings as us humans: pain, fear and even happiness. So mutual respect and clear rules are essential for building a safe and positive environment.

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Understanding what your greyhound is telling you

Just like humans, dogs use their face and body language to communicate with the outside world. Understanding what your greyhound is trying to tell you can improve the general well-being of your dog, and allow you to understand their current mood. Sometimes body language can be subtle, but becoming familiar with your greyhound’s communication will help to strengthen your bond.

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All pooches deserve a good life

Little Chubbs – as he would become known – and his siblings were just four days old, when Stephen Keep went to the kennel one morning to check on the new litter, and instantly noticed a problem.

The problem was with one of tiny pups’ paws, and Stephen headed straight from their home at Warragai Creek between Casino ad Grafton, to his local vet.

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New Homing Assistance Scheme

Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) is delighted to announce the introduction of the new Homing Assistance Scheme, which provides access to up to $950 of comprehensive vet care, for NSW participants retiring greyhounds, who have been part of the State’s greyhound racing industry.

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A Guide to walking your dog during COVID-19 restrictions

As social distancing rules evolve during this pandemic, NSW residents have largely been confined to their homes outside of a handful of ‘essential’ outings of which you are permitted to leave your home – including exercise. If you’re lucky enough to own a dog, you are allowed to walk your greyhound on a daily basis.

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Must have Greyhound products this May

Bark Butter

Keep your pets paws soft, moisturised and smelling divine. Aussie owned Bark Butter sources local ingredients to create their top-selling repair balm – Bark Butter. This product heals dry skin, irritations, problem paws and dry noses. It also has SPF 30+ sun protection so you use it from summer to winter.

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