Don’t let this boy’s age fool you, Chester is quite a relaxed and easy going fella! This 2.5yo is slightly shy at first greet, however given time he warms up well. He is showing to have appropriate manners with dogs he has so far met with us, copes very well in his day yard on his own and enjoys a nice comfortable bed. We feel a range of homes may suit Chester, part time/ full time workers with or without a med/larger canine companion and older children due to his sensitivity.

Chester is available now on a foster to adopt basis.

*Foster carer update*

Toileting: He’s been toileting on the real grass patch we have for him and has had no accidents inside other than two initial marking wees in the first half an hour of his arrival on Saturday. We’ve found it hard to convince him to go before bed though so there have been a few nights where he’s come over to us in bed and we’ve taken him out to the balcony. He gets a bit worked up after toileting and loves a quick zoomie, but has mostly settled down afterwards pretty well.

Food: he’s eaten all of his meals and hasn’t shown any signs of aggression if we’ve approached his food bowl during dinnertime.

Treats: he’s very gentle taking his treats and hasn’t been aggressive at all.

Sleeping: no signs of sleep aggression. He’ll get up, turn around and lie back down throughout the night but is usually settled the whole night. He’s dream-woofed a few times.

Walks: he’s reasonably excited to go outside and pulls on the lead a little bit but we’ve been taking it slow and taking him to the internal grass courtyard where it’s quieter, in the morning and afternoon. Yesterday morning we went to the park across the road, there’s quite a lot of traffic but he seemed to cope okay. Was still curious and responsive in the park but a little bit skittish with the loud noises.

Inside noises: he’s had no issues with house sounds, cupboards, dishwasher, toilet flushing, dining chairs scraping etc.
We’ve had the balcony door open so he can come and go inside/outside as he pleases and whenever there’s sirens or trucks he tends to just lift his head, look around and lie back down. He also hasn’t made a sound except for sneezes really and sometime a slight whine when he yawns. No barking at all.

Behaviour: he’s been pretty good, loves to sleep but will do things we don’t want him to do when he’s a bit stressed. He started chewing on one of our bed legs the other night so we got a toy out for him and he swapped to that immediately. If he gets on our bed we’ve either called him off successfully or used his lead to gently coax him off (as soon as it’s clipped on he jumps off himself). He has had bouts of panting heavily, or unresponsiveness so we have left him be and when he’s calmed down/laid down we’ve praised. He loves our couch and we’ve had to continuously call him off it throughout the week, but when we haven’t been home that’s his first preference for sleeping.

Home alone: he seems to have coped well, he comes to greet us at the door but isn’t over excited, just happy to see us. He becomes a little bit sooky/velcro-y but that wears off after about 20mins and he becomes lazy again

Stairs: he’s been great, both up and down, no issue but I’ve made sure to move slowly.

People and animals: haven’t met any yet but has pulled on his lead a little bit when he sees people outside. But is fairly easily distracted or settled with verbal cues. We haven’t come across any other animals yet except for some birds tweeting at us incessantly on our little walks. He wasn’t fussed at all with them though.

Medical Notes

As well as being behaviourally assessed, Chester has:

  • a C5 vaccination
  • been desexed
  • been microchipped
  • been intestinally wormed
  • been heartworm tested
  • had flea and heartworm prevention
  • been LIFETIME REGISTERED (no need to register with your council – this is all done as part of the Lifetime Registration)