Oggy & Sluggo


Oggy (fawn) and Sluggo (black) are a sweet pair of gentlemen who are prepared to charm everyone they meet with their beautiful natures. These brothers will be turning 6 in June and are keen to begin their lives as a pair of lounge lizards before then. The pair are quite strongly bonded with synchronized tail wagging and head-over-head smooches, so we would LOVE for them to be adopted together. Both dogs have exceptional leash manners and are appropriate when meeting other dogs on leash.

Oggy is the more confident of the pair and it often the first to find the most comfy spot available and snooze- after a good old smooch and ear scratch of couse. Sluggo can be more subdued but is still more than happy to come up to you for a smooch- especially if there is food involved. Sluggo is also currently on medication to help ease his transition into the pet life and is learning the art of the all-day snooze from his brother (please ask staff for more details). Both dogs have a love for food and get a kick out of engaging their minds with puzzle toys as well as loving staring at you while you prepare their meals. As these boys are complete gentlemen, we believe they would suit a quiet neighbourhood to complement their calmness. As Oggy in particular can be nosey, a backyard with non-see through fencing is ideal.

Sometimes it’s hard to choose the perfect greyhound for your lifestyle, so why not choose two?

Medical Notes

As well as being behaviourally assessed, Oggy & Sluggo has:

  • a C5 vaccination
  • been desexed
  • been microchipped
  • been intestinally wormed
  • been heartworm tested
  • had flea and heartworm prevention
  • been LIFETIME REGISTERED (no need to register with your council – this is all done as part of the Lifetime Registration)