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Age: 6 years | Sex: Male
Microchip: 956000004317853
Location: Western Sydney GAP Adoption Centre
Faster than Daniel Riccardo with more pizazz than Ricky Martin and more committed than Rick Astley will ever be. Ricky the Greyhound is a superstar in his own right and guaranteed to be a success at winning over your heart.

I feel a premonition, this boy’s gonna make you fall. Ricky is an overly affectionate, super sweet boy who loves to be right next to you at all times (so you can pat him of course!) Ricky is happy spending time inside or outside and settles well on his own bed inside. Ricky can be comfortably left alone for longer periods of time and would suit a home with full time workers, so long as he gets lots of attention once everyone is home. Ricky has gotten along well with the greyhounds he has met at our site so would suit a home with other medium/large dogs. 
 Ricky is a gentle boy who prefers to be around adults so would not suit a home with young children. He would best suit a home with people willing to give him time to settle in and would happily reward them with ultimate greyhound leans and lots of cuddles. Ricky truly is a very sweet boy who would love to spend the rest of his life as a beloved pet.

Ricky has vowed never to give you up or let you down, instead promising that a full commitment is what he’s dreaming of, so if you can provide him with a long term loving home then apply to adopt him today!

Application Process

  1. Take a look at all our greyhounds for adoption here
  2. Fill out this application form
  3. We will reply with any questions and give you information on the next steps
  4. Welcome your greyhound into your home and receive ongoing support.

What We Have Noticed...

  • Ricky loves to lean against you while you give him lots of pats
  • He enjoys going for shorts walks
  • He likes to be inside with his family

Quick Stats


Specific Needs

  • A Quiet Lifestyle
  • Backyard

Medical Notes

As well as being behaviourally assessed, Ricky has:

  • a C5 vaccination
  • been desexed
  • been microchipped
  • been intestinally wormed
  • been heartworm tested
  • had flea and heartworm prevention

*(no need to register with your council - this is all done as part of the Lifetime Registration)