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Age: 6 years | Sex: Female
Microchip: 956000003598743
Location: Western Sydney GAP Adoption Centre
Sesame is looking for a new street to live on. She’s on her way to where the air is sweet… do you have the perfect place for Sesame? 
Adopting Sesame will be like a magic carpet ride… fun, magical and an incredible experience! Sesame is a very affectionate and loving girl who enjoys lazing about with her family while you go about your daily business. She is known to curl up next to you (or on top of you…) while you sit around reading books or watching T.V. 
Sesame enjoys daily enrichment such as short walks, splashing about in her shell pool and treat scatters. But most of all she enjoys spending time with her family and would suit a home where people are only out of the house for a few hours of the day. Sesame can settle well on her own for a few hours of the day and would suit part-time or shift workers, so long as she’s not left alone all day. She would prefer to have a backyard to spend the day in but is happy to be inside with you once you're home. She enjoys laying on her bed inside the house and settles well even while you go about doing your own thing. She makes an amazing companion.
Sesame has been happily living a foster care home and is frequently visited by young grandchildren. She has been very comfortable around the children and is happy for them to give her lots of pats.
Sesame is more of an Oscar the grouch than an Elmo, preferring to be on her own than with friends and would be best suited to being an only dog. She enjoys being the centre of attention and would love owners who could dedicate all their love just to her!
Sesame is a fun girl who likes to play in the backyard, but is quite low maintenance and happy to chill out for most of the day. If you think she sounds like the ideal dog for you then why not apply today!
What a beautiful sunny day it will be if you get to adopt Sesame. She is available now on a foster-to-adopt basis from our Western Sydney site.

Application Process

  1. Take a look at all our greyhounds for adoption here
  2. Fill out this application form
  3. We will reply with any questions and give you information on the next steps
  4. Welcome your greyhound into your home and receive ongoing support.

What We Have Noticed...

  • She loves to play in her splash pool
  • She loves being inside and being around her humans
  • She has the cutest ears ever!!

Quick Stats


Medical Notes

As well as being behaviourally assessed, Sesame has:

  • a C5 vaccination
  • been desexed
  • been microchipped
  • been intestinally wormed
  • been heartworm tested
  • had flea and heartworm prevention

*(no need to register with your council - this is all done as part of the Lifetime Registration)