Age: 1 year 9 months | Sex: Male
Microchip: 956000007856803
Location: Western Sydney (Londonderry)
When your heart skips a beat, an overwhelming feeling of emotion washes over you and the outside world fades away- that’s called the spark. Many people search for years to find a spark with that special someone, but you won’t have to look any further than this gorgeous boy. Tall, dark and handsome our Sparky is the knight in shining armour (fur) you’ve been dreaming of. 

Sparky is a very special boy with an electrifying personality. He starts his greetings with a spinning tail and dancing feet, followed by a lean against you to encourage pats. Sparky likes to place his adorable face in your hands, slowly closing his eyes as you give him chin pats. The next move is your decision- walk or cuddles on the lounge? Sparky likes to go for short walks down the road and zoomies in the backyard. Sparky has a lot of energy and would benefit from being in a relationship with an active partner willing to take him for daily walks and a backyard for his zoomies would be ideal. Once the adventurous part of your date is over he likes to settle down on the lounge for a long night of cuddles and watching romantic movies (perhaps Lady and the Tramp?) Sparky prefers not to be away from his significant other for more than a few hours a day. He gets along well with the other greyhounds at our site but still prefers to be with his humans more often than not. Sparky is one of a kind and you’ll be falling head over heels for him on your first date with him. 

If you think Sparky is the one then apply to adopt him! He is available now to meet at our Western Sydney site so apply today and we can arrange a date! 

Application Process

  1. Take a look at all our greyhounds for adoption here
  2. Fill out this application form
  3. We will reply with any questions and give you information on the next steps
  4. Welcome your greyhound into your home and receive ongoing support.

What We Have Noticed...

  • Sparky is very silly and playful
  • He loves toys and playing in the splash pool
  • He is very affectionate and loving

Quick Stats


Specific Needs

  • Backyard

Medical Notes

As well as being behaviourally assessed, Sparky has:

  • a C5 vaccination
  • been desexed
  • been microchipped
  • been intestinally wormed
  • been heartworm tested
  • had flea and heartworm prevention

*(no need to register with your council - this is all done as part of the Lifetime Registration)