Keeping Your Greyhound

If you wish to keep your greyhound as your own forever friend or if you have found your greyhound a new home with family or friends, GAP may be able to provide financial assistance to help with veterinary costs associated with transition your greyhound to life as a pet. The GAP Owner Incentive Scheme provides registered owners and trainers a financial rebate for desexing, a dental check-up and booster vaccinations.

The first thing you must do is register your greyhound as retired with the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission (GWIC) by completing and submitting a Notification to Retire form. 

For more information on the GAP Owner Incentive Scheme click here

Owners Incentive Scheme FAQ

I’m not registered with GWIC, can I apply for the Owner Incentive Scheme?

Only licenced participants who own greyhounds registered with the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission (GWIC) in NSW can take advantage of the Owners’ Incentive Scheme. For non-industry participants – please check GRNSW’s other Rehoming Assistance Schemes here.

How much does the scheme cover?

The scheme covers up to $700 for eligible greyhounds. 

The GAP contributions in support of the scheme are capped as follows:

  • Vet check and desexing (including all fees and expenses) – $450
  • Dental care procedures (including all fees and expenses)  – $200
  • Booster vaccinations (C5 or equivalent) – $50

Can I use my regular vet?

Yes, you can use your preferred vet for the procedures covered under the scheme. The vet must be an NSW Registered Veterinarian or NSW Licenced Veterinary Hospital.

Can GAP pay the vet directly?

There are two options for payment:

  1. GAP can pay the sum of the rebate to the vet or
  2. you can pay the vet and be reimbursed the rebate amount.

If you choose option 1, please arrange with your vet to bill you and forward your invoice to GAP (you should keep a copy for yourself). 

Does my greyhound have to pass the GAP test?

Your greyhound does not have to undergo a behavioural assessment at a GAP facility or by a GAP staff member, however, you must make your best effort to ensure your greyhound’s suitability to its new home. If you are unsure, GAP encourages you to have your greyhound assessed.

I don’t want to desex my greyhound, can I get a rebate dental work and vaccinations?

Only greyhounds that undergo desexing are eligible. Veterinary costs for dental procedures and/or vaccinations on entire (undesexed) greyhounds will not be rebated. 

My greyhound is not racing but is registered for breeding – can I apply?

Only greyhounds that are retired from racing and breeding are eligible for this scheme. Greyhounds, once rehomed, must be registered on NSW Pet Registry.