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Pet safe plants that are easy to care for

 Pet safe plants that are easy to care for

There are massive benefits to introducing plants into your home. Not only do they complement the look of your home, but they can also help to clean the air, as well as  reducing stress levels. If you’ve ever cared for a plant that ended up in plant heaven, then you’ll know the disappointment of helplessly watching the plant you once loved die a slow, brown death. This shouldn’t put you off, while some plants can be rather easy to kill, others thrive on little to no attention at all and are (almost) impossible to kill!

If you have a pooch in the home, you need to be careful with your plant selection as some plants are toxic for pets. Here’s a list of pet-safe plants that will have your home looking vibrant all year round.
Air plants: As the name suggests, air plants need no soil and can simply grow in air. They have become quite popular amongst homeowners for their ‘fuss free’ care. They have short roots which attach onto almost any surface and a misting of water every couple of days or once a week in colder months.

Echeveria Blue: This mesmerising succulent has silver-blue leaves and very hardy and drought tolerant. Plant the Echeveria Blue in a pot with good drainage and pick a sunny spot for it to live. It will only require water every 1-2 weeks in Summer months and 3-4 weeks in Winter.
Boston Fern: Known for their long lacy fronts, these plants will stay green all year round. Place your fern in a warm, well-lit location (away from direct sunlight) and give them a good drench once every 4 weeks.

African Violet: Add a pop of colour to your home and need minimal care. African Violets are the perfect apartment plants because they are small and are happiest with a minimal amount of water. Place a container of water at the bottom of the pot and let the soil soak up moisture through the base of the pot.

Freckle Face Plant: As the name suggests, this plant has bright spotted leaves and can add interesting colour and contrast to your home. Place them in a well lit area and only water when the top half inch of soil has dried out.

Crab cactus: Producing beautiful pink bell-shaped flowers, the crab cactus is known for their ‘crab-like’ segmented stems. This plant produces is stunning flowers through winter and only need a good drench once a week.

We would suggest starting with 1 or 2 plants and build your green thumb confidence over time. You’ll be living amongst lush foliage and blooms before you know it!