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How dry dog food is made

As we’re sure you’re aware, dry dog food doesn’t occur naturally. There is no tree from which small brown balls are picked and packed for your pooch. A bit like our favourite cereal brands which we often eat regularly for breakfast like cornflakes!

So have you ever wondered how dry dog food is produced?

Ingredients used in kibble are often by-products of food that has been made for human consumption, and these by-products could be eaten by humans if we fancied it. These include things such as liver, kidney, lungs, fish offal, etc. Many of the other ingredients such as cereals, grains, and vegetables come in powdered or granulated form, similar to the powders that humans make shakes from, and these are mixed into the wet ingredients. Oils, fats, vitamins, and minerals are also added to ensure the food delivers on the nutrients listed on the packet and provides your pooch with a balanced diet to maintain optimal health.

The process

1.    Dry and wet ingredients are mixed together with water and steam in order to hydrate the powders and create a dough.
2.    The dough is then put through an extrusion process which involves heating under pressure
3.    The expanded dough is cut into shapes and sizes appropriate for the breed of your dog
4.    Kibble is then dried in an oven to remove all moisture and then cooled
5.    The dry kibble receives its final treatment with coating so that it stays fresh until it makes it to your dog’s dinner bowl.

If you’re confused about what you should be feeding your pet, have a look at our recent article on ‘What to look for when choosing dog food’.

It’s also important to note that if you are planning on making any changes to your dogs’ diet, you should consult your vet on the best way to introduce new food and ensure your dog is receiving the nutrition it needs to stay happy and healthy.

Any sudden changes in diet can result in stomach and intestinal upset and a very unhappy pooch! So a phased change is usually suggested rather than a sudden swap.