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Age: 2 years 4 months | Sex: Male

Mustang is true to his name, sleek, eye catching and zoomy!

Mustang with his snow dipped chin and handsome eyes won't last long at our facility, he's super cuddly and human social and would love to snooze the day away at your feet while you work from home.

Age: 6 years 9 months | Sex: Female

Be still my beating heart 💓💓💓.  If you are looking for the perfect hound, then Freya ticks every box of divine deliciousness you could have ever dreamed of.

Quiet ✅

Age: 4 years 7 months | Sex: Male

Looking for a no frills friendly boy? Sully might just fit the bill.  On one hand there is nothing overly outstanding about Sully, however that's what's makes him perfect. He is friendly, will talk to anyone and everyone and just enjoys life.  No frills but no issues either.  He is currently in a Pet preparation program, has lovely manners on the lead and spends his days strolling through the farms animals such as Alpacas, Goats and peacocks.

Sully would make the perfect retired gent/couple hound where he can smooch around providing great company day in day out. He is located near Nowra and can be transported in Southern NSW for the right home.

Age: 4 years 10 months | Sex: Male

"Ay, caramba!” It's me, Bart the greyhound!

"Don't have a cow, man." My name is Bart!

Age: 3 years 2 months | Sex: Male

Hey there, my name is Oswald!

My GAP crew call me Wally or Ozzy but you can just call me 'your new best mate'! I'm not jumpy or silly, I'm a gentle mature guy with a beautiful temperament.

Age: 2 years 8 months | Sex: Male

Our batman may not wear a black cape, but his beautiful brindle coat is just about the most stylish superhero costume we’ve ever seen! He may not be able to fight crime, but all the villains would be jealous of just how handsome he is!

Batman is a vibrant and happy boy who loves to practice his superhero moves in the backyard including demonstrating his super-speed zoomies and sharpening his lightning-fast reaction time by tossing his toys around and catching them again. He is happy to spend a few hours alone at the batcave during the day and would suit part-time/causal workers. He is well behaved in the house and we have noticed he enjoys spending time in an open crate. Batman loves spending time with other dogs around his size and would happily share his new home with one pending a meet and greet first. Batman likes to do a daily patrol of the local area and although he can be excited to get going at first, after a few minutes he settles into a good rhythm.  

Age: 2 years 8 months | Sex: Male

Handsome brindle boy Robin is just the sidekick you have been looking for! 

Aside from being extremely handsome, Robin also has a beautiful temperament and a great personality! He is a gentle boy who loves to have a snuggle with his humans, but also has a goofy playful side when the feeling strikes him. He doesn’t mind spending a few hours alone during the day and would suit those who work part-time/casual hours. He would be more than happy to share his new home and family with a medium/large canine companion if you already have one in the family, and older, respectful kids are just fine by Robin too. Robin loves to spend time indoors and we have noticed he enjoys spending time curled up for a nap in an open crate. He can be a bit shy with new places and experiences to begin with, so he would need a family willing to take things slow for now including taking shorter walks in quieter areas will be builds his confidence. 

Age: 2 years 6 months | Sex: Male

*Parkie is in foster care*

Parkie Foster Update: 

Age: 7 years 2 months | Sex: Female

Patty cake, Patty cake, baker’s man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can… if you’ve been fighting the boredom of lockdown by perfecting your baking skills but would prefer a friend to keep you entertained instead then look no further than Patty! Patty would make the perfect companion to be by your side, and she doesn’t mind the occasional tasty treat either! 

Patty is a mature girl with a gentle and happy personality. I don’t think her tail ever stops wagging! Whenever she sees her favourite human coming towards her she does a little tap dance and her tail goes round and round in circles of excitement! Patty loves spending time with us either playing and relaxing in the yard or napping away on her bed inside. She walks beautifully on the lead and will happily trot alongside you while you go for your walk. She can settle nicely on her own for a few hours at a time but would prefer it if her family was not away all day. She has gotten along well with the other greyhounds she has met on her walks and pending a meet and greet could be suitable to living with another large breed dog. She can be a little shy at first so a quiet home with older children only would be best. Patty is a sweet, cuddly and very gorgeous lady who will make a lovely companion for the right home. 

Age: 1 year 7 months | Sex: Male

Young and bouncy boy Sticks can’t wait to meet his forever family! Super affectionate and loving, he certainly earned his name as whenever he meets someone he sticks to them like glue!

Sticks is still a puppy a heart and has some energy to spend and some fun to have! He would suit a home that will enjoy his playful and excitable side and will need a backyard for him to zoom around in when the feeling strikes him. His zest for life can get the better of him sometimes and he sometimes forgets his size, so a home without young kids would be best. Sticks is ok to be left alone for a few hours during the day and suits part-time/casual workers provided you live in a quieter neighbourhood. However, if you had another medium/large canine pal for him to play with during the day, he would be fine to be left alone longer. Sticks loves his toys and food and doesn’t mind a daily walk, but will need to start off in quiet areas as he takes the big wide world in. Sticks will make sure you become friends with everyone you pass in the street – who could resist this charismatic and handsome boy!

Age: 4 years 4 months | Sex: Female

This fuzzy little Kiwi is exactly the sweet treat you need this summer! At 4-years-old and almost miniature in size, our Kiwi is full of love and affection all condensed into one small package! 

Kiwi is a very happy and playful girl best known for her spontaneous zoomies and love for toys. Although she can be a bit shy when first meeting new people and would need to take new experiences slowly, once she has warmed up to you Kiwi is a super affectionate and sweet girl who loves lots of pats and scritches! Kiwi is comfortable spending time by herself provided you have a spacious backyard for her to enjoy, and would suit part-time or full-time workers. Kiwi would prefer if all the love and affection was hers, and would best suit a home where she is the only dog. Kiwi LOVES her food and will do just about anything for a tasty treat and loves food-based enrichment games! 

Age: 8 years 9 months | Sex: Male

Surround your heart with the sounds of love! Contrary to his name, 8-year-old Subwoofa is a very gentle and quiet boy – you might say he is on low volume!

For the last couple of months, Subwoofa has been rocking out in foster care with a Great Dane foster brother to show him the ropes of pet life! Affectionately nicknamed ‘Subby’ in foster care, this handsome boy has learned a lot about pet life and we feel he is now ready to find his forever home. Subby’s foster carer has found that he loves being indoors and is known to snooze the day away on his bed and is also crate trained too. He loves his food and although he definitely has an affectionate side, we have found that he is generally just a super relaxed boy who just loves to chill out on his bed or in the sun making him a low maintenance pet (or ‘couch ornament’ as we like to call it!). Subby is also toilet trained, great with sharing his space with another dog and sleeps well through the night.

Age: 1 year 9 months | Sex: Male

The breathtaking wetlands of Kakadu National Park may seem like a distant pipe dream right now, but why don’t you let us bring the excitement to you with our very own Kakadu! 

Prepare to embark on the journey of a lifetime… this adventure will be unlike one you’ve experienced before and you will make so many wonderful memories! Young Kakadu is a gorgeous boy who will take some time to settle into your home, but once he settles in his sweet personality will come out! Due to his shy nature he would not be suitable for a home with children but instead a quiet home with adults only would make him feel very safe and comfortable. Kakadu loves toys, treats and going for walks. He walks nicely on the lead but is still quite nervous around cars and would prefer to be walked in quieter areas. He has gotten along well with the other greyhounds he has met and gains a lot of confidence from having a friend around. He would love to go into a home with another greyhound! This gentle boy has a warm and friendly personality that he is just bursting to show off! 

Age: 3 years 3 months | Sex: Male

Looking for a devilishly handsome smexy quirky hound to join your home?  Monty is that and more. Every day is a day full of joy and excitement and after you get greeted each morning, acknowledge his handsomeness and set him up for the day, he is happy to send you off to earn the bucks while he dreams of what's for dinner.

Now for his quirk…..he is a very happy go lucky guy, however it will  take a kind calm home to help him through some insecurities.  It's only a few small things and he isn't a fan of constant noise so a lovely child free home would be the way to go for him to build up his confidence.  When he is confident, his happiness is infectious so he really is one of these dogs that a bucket load of patience will pay off tenfold. Monty is available in the ACT to the right home with a yard ( no units, cats or pocket pets please).

Age: 7 years 7 months | Sex: Male

Kobe's my name and shooting hoops may not be my game like my namesake, but I do have an energetic zest for life and all things fun.

Although I'm lots of fun, rest assured, with me you get the best of both worlds as I can also be very calm.

Age: 5 years 8 months | Sex: Female

Beautiful little Ellie is available for adoption and excited to find the perfect place to call home. 

Who ever said that greyhounds can’t sit has clearly never met this little genius! Ellie sits on command for treats, although she has also taken to sitting without being asked and demanding treats as well! She is a sweet little girl, with a lovely and fun personality. She has gotten along well with all the dogs she has met on site and would be suited to a home with another pooch. She likes to play with the other dogs so a tolerant or equally playful friend would be most suitable. Ellie prefers a more gentle approach and enjoys spending time with adults over children. For this reason she would be best suited to a home with teenage children or adults. She walks well on the lead and gets very excited when it’s time for a walk! Ellie loves toy, treats and playing in the yard but also enjoys hanging around with her family inside the house as well. She can settle on her own for long periods and would be suitable to a home with full time workers. This exuberant and sweet girl will make the perfect companion for the right lucky family! 

Age: 4 years 7 months | Sex: Male

"As I walk through the yards at the GAP HQ,

I take a look at my life & realize I want a home,

Age: 7 years 4 months | Sex: Female

Hi, I'm Genie. I shall grant you 3 wishes!.... As long as they are as follows:

1. You wish to adopt me!

Age: 7 years 4 months | Sex: Male

Hello! I'm Bowie. If you're after a laid back older companion - I am your man!

At 7 years old, I have only ever lived rural so the move into a home will be a big adjustment for me. I'm just looking for a family that are happy to be patient with me, and guide me through it.

Age: 3 years 8 months | Sex: Female

You know how they say dogs light up your life? Well this girl is on high beam! Introducing our beautiful golden Sunray.

You will truly feel the warmth of Sunray as soon as you lay eyes on her! She adores her humans and instantly turns every one she meets into her best friend. She is happy to sunbathe in the backyard during the day and is suitable for full time workers provided you live in a quieter neighbourhood without too much going on beyond the fence. Sunray will happily share her new home with a medium/large canine companion and older or experienced kids/teens are okay too. Sunray has a great enthusiasm for life that can sometimes get the best of her, so she requires a harness for walking and would love a backyard to enjoy. She loves her toys and food, but her favourite thing is water and hopes her new home has a paddling pool to splash around in!