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Greyhounds As Pets

Greyhounds are really friendly dogs and so make great pets!

Greyhounds As Pets is currently a not-for-profit initiative coordinated by Greyhound Racing NSW. In the near future, the initiative will be transferred to and operated by a not-for-profit company established for the purpose of humanely and ethically rehoming retiring and relinquished greyhounds.

Greyhounds make wonderful pets and we have policies in place to ensure you get one that suits just you and your family.

We pride ourselves on matching the right dog to you and your circumstances, and providing you with comprehensive support during and after the adoption/foster care process.

Finding a dog is easy. Finding a family friendly dog is a challenge that Greyhounds As Pets take very seriously and this begins from the first point of contact you have with us. We want you and your new family member to live ‘happily ever after’.

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Upcoming Events

  • 26 Mar
    St Ives Dogs Day Out

    Greyhounds As Pets will be sharing a tent with Paws4Effect at the upcoming St Ives Dogs Day Out!

  • 06 Apr
    Sydney Royal Easter Show

    Greyhounds As Pets is excited to announce that it will be heading to the 2017 Sydney Royal Easter Show for the first time in many years.

  • 05 Jun
    Greenhound Assessing Session – Dural

    We will be holding a Greenhound Assessing Session on 5th June at Dural.  Appointment blocks will commence from 10am.

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The Perfect Pet

Before you look at dogs for sale in NSW, consider dogs for adoption through Greyhounds As Pets. We are committed to matching you with the right pet

Adopting a greyhound can be an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience. What’s more, it is the perfect solution for those who would like to choose the temperament and personality of their dog – particularly for people who have small children or other pets to consider.

Greyhounds As Pets operates on a ‘match making’ system which ensures we make a compatible match between you and your new family member. Dogs accepted into Greyhounds As Pets are first checked by a veterinarian and behaviourally assessed for suitability as a pet. They are then settled into pet life through a 6 week foster care program, where they learn house manners including toilet training. Greyhounds are then ready to be placed into loving homes.

Dog adoption has many practical benefits and rewards.

If you’re looking to adopt a dog, look no further than a greyhound.

Gentle Temperament

Retired greyhounds are gentle, highly affectionate dogs that prefer to lounge around the house (sleeping up to 20 hours a day), making them the perfect family friendly dog. Greyhounds rarely bark and are more likely to retreat from enthusiastic children rather than snapping or growling at them.

Healthy Breed

Greyhounds are renowned for their superior health, particularly amongst large breed dogs. Unlike any other breed, greyhounds have been selectively bred for performance not appearance. Serious health problems associated with large dogs such as hip dysplasia are almost unheard of amongst greyhounds. Greyhounds live an average 12 to 14 years.

Low Exercise Demand

Greyhounds don’t need vast amounts of space, in fact they thrive in smaller urban spaces where they prefer to roll up into a ball and sleep the day away. Despite the common perception that greyhounds are full of energy and therefore need long walks, greyhounds actually expel energy in short bursts. A 15-20 minute daily walk will keep them happy.

Minimal Grooming

Greyhounds are very low maintenance. They have short coats with very little oil in their skin, which means they have minimal shedding and don’t have the trademark ‘dog smell’. For this reason a bath 4-5 times a year is more than enough to keep your pooch clean.

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