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Adoption Day

Date:06 April 2024
Time:10:00am - 01:00pm
Address:1 Bibbenluke Ave, Duffys Forest, NSW, 2024
Event Details:
Hanrob Pet Hotels and GAP Adoption Day 

10-15 Greyhounds will be looking for loving homes at Hanrob Duffy's Forest this Saturday!

We will have our many experts and volunteers who have adopted greyhounds present to take you through the adoption process and explain how we match you with the perfect greyhound for your needs.

Whether you have children or other pets, live alone, work full-time, stay at home or are just looking for a sweet companion, there is a greyhound that would fit your lifestyle.

Many people are unaware of how incredible greyhounds are as family pets: friendly, affectionate, calm, clean, loving, quiet, good-natured, and extremely healthy!

What's not to love? Greyhounds are...
  • big love bugs  
  • laid back  
  • affordable, $250.00, including vaccinations, lead, collar, and more! 
  • rarely bark
  • shed little 
  • no doggy smell 
  • some can love other pets in the household
  • will get you out for at least a short walk every day! 
***If you have another dog in the family, please bring them along for a meet and greet! Just let our staff know on arrival that you have your dog with you for a meet-up.**

PLEASE REGISTER to receive the event Dogologue via email, featuring all the greyhounds available on the big day.

Tip: If you like a greyhound's profile on the GAP website, you can lodge your application early.

Check out to see which dogs right across NSW are looking for a new home right now!

Greyhound Adoption Days

The best chance to get to know your new best friend. Our dog adoption days let you meet all types of greyhounds with unique personalities. We promise that you’ll fall in love with at least one special friend following a session of patting, cuddling and scratching at a pet adoption day. Learn everything that you need to know about the adoption journey and get a feel for which pet might be the best fit for your family.

We place greyhounds in homes based on their personality so everyone gets a perfect match. Feel free to ask away and our friendly team will answer all of your questions. A dog adoption day with Greyhounds As Pets is the first step towards bringing a four-legged friend into your life.

Pre-Assessment Days

We hold pre-assessment days that will determine whether your greyhounds are suitable for life as a pet and entry into the GAP program . To be eligible, we’ll ask for proof of C5 vaccinations and at least a 4 week let down period after their last race/trial. A general details form will also need to be completed and returned to us before confirming any future appointments.

Please contact our team for further information on booking a pre-assessing session.

About Greyhounds As Pets

We are a not-for-profit organisation that places greyhounds with loving owners throughout NSW. Great with young children and other pets, a greyhound will enrich your life and make a fantastic addition to any family. This breed is well behaved and brings nothing but love. Get in touch with us by completing a contact form or call today on 1800 696 377 to learn more about our dog adoption days.