Greyhounds As Pets is the industry run program responsible for assessing, fostering and re-homing greyhounds retired from the racing industry at all stages of a greyhounds lifecycle. From puppies all the way to those retiring as athletes! We are also involved in the education of the general public on the benefits of having a greyhound as a pet.


Greyhounds As Pets is committed to continually improving the program for participants. As such, we have been successful in making Pre-Assessment Sessions more readily available (meaning you don’t need to wait as long to have your dog assessed).

There are limited appointments available at pre-assessment sessions and owners and trainers who miss out on a spot will be put on a waiting list and contacted should there be any cancellations for that session. If not, they will be booked in for the next available pre-assessment session.

Pre-assessment Process

Racing Injury Rebate Scheme

Homing Assistance Scheme

Prior To The Day



On The Day