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Age: 4 years 1 month | Sex: Male

Everybody loves Doughnuts don't they???

Just like the the round addictive sweet goodness this boy will fulfil all your cravings!

Age: 3 years 10 months | Sex: Male

Will may be a big boy but his heart is just as big. He is a gentle giant. Will walks beautifully on a lead and does not bother about the neighbours dogs even when they bark at him through the fence.

He is happy just to do his own thing and meander through the yard looking at the plants and deciding on a cool, soft place to lay down.

Age: 3 years 8 months | Sex: Female

*I am in foster care*

Hi I’m Penelope but my people call me Pene. I’m a sweet natured and affectionate pup who is looking for a family to call my won.

Age: 3 years 2 months | Sex: Male

*I am currently in foster care*

They say that the one that wears the stripes is the fastest of them all, but don’t let that fool you as this homebody will trick you on that one!

Age: 5 years 2 months | Sex: Male

*I am in foster care*

Hi I’m Kenny and I’m looking for a place that I can call home.

Age: 3 years 11 months | Sex: Male

Meet Stripes!

This handsome young boy is looking to join his forever home.  This gently  ( and a bit sooky!!) boy is very affectionate and wants to spend all his time with his human.  Hes a bit timid of other dogs and would suit a family that want to have him as their one and only.

Age: 3 years 10 months | Sex: Female

Carly is a gentle sole who is looking for a quiet life with a loving and quiet family.

A backyard is not essential if Carly's new family are willing to take her for a daily walk.

Age: 4 years 3 months | Sex: Male

Kong is a very gentle and sensitive boy. A just over 30kg he is not big for a male and will fit into just about any home.

Kong gets on well with other dogs and is clean and quiet.

Age: 4 years 4 months | Sex: Male

*Hi! I'm Currently in foster care. Stay tuned for updates!*

I have just met you and i LOVE you!

Age: 3 years 1 month | Sex: Female

Hi My name is Tina.

If you want a companion to follow you everywhere, a snuggle buddy at night (or even during the day), to watch television with I am your girl.

Age: 5 years 2 months | Sex: Male

Hi my name is Snow and even though Australia celebrates Christmas in summer i would like to add a little bit of Snow to your Christmas celebrations.

I am a good boy and walk well on the lead. I do currently live in a quiet area but would like to have a back yard to play in with my new family.

Age: 3 years 9 months | Sex: Male

Patrick may just be a plain coloured boy but there is nothing plain about his personality. Patrick is hoping that people will look past his coat colour and let his personality shine.

Patrick is a friendly boy and is happy with his own company or a friend to play with.

Age: 4 years 8 months | Sex: Male

Oscar is definitely not a grouch. He is a loving and loyal boy who will make a wonderful companion for his new family.

Oscar enjoys a leisurely walk (not to far and definitely not in the heat).

Age: 4 years 1 month | Sex: Female

Mel is a gorgeous girl, and is only 24.5kg who is learning the ropes in a home and is settling really well.

Mel likes the company of other large breed dogs and has also met some small breeds and showed little interest in them.

Age: 3 years 5 months | Sex: Male

Jimmy is a ladies man and just wants to find that forever home with the girl of his dreams. he is not too fussy and doesn't mind sharing his love with another guy if it means he gets to have his own bed.

Jimmy would be happy to have another dog for company if someone is looking for a mate for their current pooch, but he also would be happy to just have his new lady who will wait on him and ensure he gets lots of attention and smooches.

Age: 3 years 5 months | Sex: Male

Hoss Is a young playful boy looking for his happily ever after.

Hoss has been spending some time inside with another greyhound and a 5 year old girl. Hoss has learnt to do stairs and is very well behaved around children. He likes the children to be respectful and even though he loves playing he also likes to have a rest every now and then.

Age: 3 years 3 months | Sex: Male

Duke may only be 3 years old in April but he has a wisdom beyond his years and like THE DUKE he appears tough on the outside but underneath that gruff exterior is a gentle caring dog.

Duke gets along with other dogs and would be suited to another female companion and he won't mind if they are small as long as they are as calm and as gentle as he is.

Age: 4 years 7 months | Sex: Male

Don't let his size fool you. He is 35kg of laid back chilled boy. He loves water and would like his new family to provide him with a pool to spend hot days in. A small pool is fine as long as he can lay down and relax on those hot days.

Despite his size he is a big teddy bear and is described as a quiet boy who gets on with everyone. He is described as quiet and chilled hence the name.

Age: 4 years 8 months | Sex: Male

Chief is a gorgeous boy covered in a plain black coat. He is gentle and is currently living with a tribe of bossy chihuahuas and is happy to let them take charge.

chief is fun loving and is happy to play games with his family and would like a yard to laze around in. It doesn't have to be a big yard as even though Chief is a big boy he doesnt take up that much room. In fact Chief thinks he could make a great lap dog and would be happy watching TV with his family by his side.

Age: 3 years 5 months | Sex: Male

We know bundy is a cliche name but what else would you call an true blue Aussie guy.

Bundy (known as Buddy) is your typical Aussie guy who likes to hang out with his mates and go to the great outdoors and go camping and fishing with his best pal.