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Age: 3 years 7 months | Sex: Male

*I am currently in foster. Stay tuned for updates*

Don’t get it twisted, our handsome boy Pretzel is quite the snack! With beautiful, sleek black fur and a charming smile, he will have you zooming back for seconds. Contrary to his name, Pretzel is far from salty. He is an energy filled, friendly, loving greyhound that is always in the mood for a walk.  

Age: 5 years 6 months | Sex: Female

DJ GAP: "Hello Humans! Straight from the yards of Western Sydney, I bring to you live, MILKSHAKE… 2022 hits from the kennels"

Intro howls…

Age: 4 years 2 months | Sex: Male

*Pingu is in foster care learning all about the joys of pet life! Here is a update from his foster carer: "Pingu is a very calm boy who loves being inside and shadowing you around the house. He is toilet trained and does great when left alone in the backyard for a few hours during the day. He loves playing with toys, going on a short daily walk and taking lots of naps!"*

Say NOOT NOOT to Pingu! This handsome boy may not have feathers or blubber but he wears a tuxedo that would rival that of any penguin!

Age: 6 years 4 months | Sex: Male

Hey there!

I am a handsome boy who is looking for my forever home!

Age: 3 years 2 months | Sex: Female

*Bo-Peep has recently gone into foster care. Updates coming soon!*

Little Bo-Peep: so cute, so sweet,

Age: 5 years 3 months | Sex: Male


Mookie is a big ball of super soft teddy bear.  When we say big, he is 38kg of big! While he may be big in size, he is also has a big heart and currently living in a foster home he is all over this pet life already.  Due to his size, we are looking for a home that has previously had a big dog with a full size yard that had time and love to give him.

Age: 3 years 1 month | Sex: Male

Handsome fawn lad Crash is looking for a new place to call home! This 3-year-old fella is still a puppy a heart and wants some humans who will enjoy his goofy playful side as well as his affectionate and cuddly nature.

Crash adores his humans and is hoping for a home where he will not be left alone for long hours during the day, however if you do need to step out for work, a walk (or big game in the back yard) before you head off will make his heart sing.  He also loves the company of other medium/large dogs if you had one already at home to hang out with. Older kids would enjoy his playful nature, if they are able to give him space when he needs a break. Crash would happily join you on a daily stroll through the neighborhood, impressing everyone with his lovely lead manners.  Currently on a farm, he is also livestock friendly and spends his days walking with his kelpie mates amongst the Alpaca's (on lead of course) .

Age: 4 years 7 months | Sex: Male

My name is Terry but being your typical Aussie guy you can call me Tezza - every good Aussie bloke has a nickname. Being an Aussie I like all those good Australian pastimes like:-

Going to the beach

Age: 4 years 11 months | Sex: Male

As you can tell from my photos I am an extremely handsome boy and I am also lovable and friendly.

I would like a home with a back yard for me to play in and a good supply of toys to keep me occupied.

Age: 1 year 6 months | Sex: Female

My name is Lucy and I am not even 1 year old yet (in a week or so). At only 22.5kg I will fit almost anywhere.

I have been brought up as a pet, but I still love to play and run, oh and I love the water - you will need to provide me with a pool to splash in on hot days.

Age: 3 years 11 months | Sex: Male

Our sweet Melman seems to have come down with something… or so he thinks... That’s right, poor Melman is love sick! There’s only one cure for his illness and that’s a loving home where he can be spoilt for the rest of his life! 

Of course the gorgeous Melman isn’t really sick, but he’ll be sure to give you those puppy dog eyes to get what he wants! All Melman wants from his home is a comfy bed to lie on, lots of pats when he wants them and a never ending supply of toys! Is that too much to ask?! Melman is currently living in a foster home and learning the way of the world. He walks nicely on the lead and is polite to the other dogs he has met on his walks. He would be suitable to living in a home with another large breed dog. Melman is happy to be left on his own for a few hours at a time and would love a backyard to relax in while his family is away. A home with older children who can be respectful of his space and possessions would be okay as well. Melman loves to play with toys and can be seen throwing them about on his own in the yard! He is a very loving, happy boy who can’t wait to be adopted! Will you be the one to take him home? 

Age: 2 years 6 months | Sex: Male

Waffle is in foster care - see below for an update while being in foster:

Waffle is a cheeky boy who loves the company of his humans! He loves being inside and is very good with toilet training. He enjoys going for a walk and keeping his dad company when at work in the office. Waffle also loves his food!

Age: 1 year 3 months | Sex: Male

** Kramer has gone into a foster home...keep checking here for updates**

Say hello to our adorable 12 month old boy, Kramer! This little fella is looking for the perfect someone to give him all the love and affection he deserves!

Age: 5 years 4 months | Sex: Male

This gorgeous looking boy is Wah Wah and he would like to be your best buddy!!

He is a 4.5yr old male who lives life to the fullest. Wah Wah enjoys a bit of exercise but is also just as content laying around in the sun. He enjoys car rides (thinks he's going to the track lol) and will quite happily help himself onto the backseat!

Age: | Sex:
Age: 3 years 6 months | Sex: Male

When my baby smiles at me I go to Rio! Or Rio could come to you!

This handsome young man is a shy guy who really thrives when he has a medium-large sized canine companion to spend his days with. With a doggo friend he can be left alone for full time hours, welcoming you home with a soft wagging tail and puppy dog eyes to make your heart melt. Rio actually has a best friend at the kennels named Hamilton! They can go home together but they don't need to. He can be in a home without a friend, but then he would like his humans around more often than not, so casual or part time workers is best.

Age: 3 years 7 months | Sex: Male

Wolf is a stunning large fawn boy who is sweet, kind and has a zest for life. He's super smart and exceptionally affectionate.  Where you go - he will be pretty close by seeing if you need a hand with that. 

He would be perfect for an active retired couple or someone who works from home and wants the company.  He would be fine home alone as well, however he is such a cracker of a dog , he deserves to get the gold star of homes. One thing about Wolf though is that he needs a home that is prepared to put some rules and boundaries in place as he really like to not have free rein and be in charge.  He also has a thing for squeaky toys so a home that is happy to work with that is ideal.

Age: 4 years 5 months | Sex: Male

Yo, Snoopy “Snoop Dawg” G-hound here to tell you what’s up. I am, for adoption that is, so fill out an application for me now.

My fans know me as Snoop Dawg G-Hound, but you can call me Snoopy. I have lived a life of luxury (think kongs at the chateau and bones on the catamaran) but am now ready to settle down with my forever family. I can happily spend a few hours on my own, however miss my posse where they’re away for too long so a family home more often than not would be ideal. I have a wonderful singing voice and love to show it off to anyone who walks by so a fully enclosed backyard with opaque fencing would be best. I love to spend time lazing on the lounge or sleeping on my big fluffy dog bed when you’re home and would be best suited to a family willing to include me in daily life. I get along with creatures from all walks of life, from younger children to small dogs and would be suited to most family dynamics, so long as they are respectful of my space and prized possessions (toys and food). I love to strut down the street showing off my good looks and walk very nicely on the lead. I am quite a confident boy and love to meet new people and I hope that you will love meeting me too! 

Age: 4 years 11 months | Sex: Female

Pixie likes her own space and she tends to keep to herself but would like a quiet family to share her life with. Pixie does love a game of ball especially if you bring out a soccer ball, but after a game or two would prefer to lay in the sun. Pixie would also like her new yard to have a shell pool for her to lay in on hot days. Pixie is currently sharing with other greyhounds so if you have other dogs as long as they are quiet and relaxed she would be happy to share with them.

Age: 6 years 4 months | Sex: Male

Snozz  has previously lived inside and had a large, well fenced, safe garden to whizz around in. He played and lived with another female puppa.

Snozz has a cheeky, friendly, outgoing personality. He is playful, confident, sensible and energetic. He would need a backyard to whizz around in for a few minutes till he tires and heads for his bed!  He would love to go for walks and he walks well on a lead. He sometimes talks to let you know when he wants out or in, or if you have forgotten to take him, when you take another dog out!