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Age: 2 years 3 months | Sex: Male

I met Santa! and I asked him for a furever home this year, Santa said I just have to be patient and I will find one, Are you the right family for me??

I am a happy and friendly boy and am very polite to smaller humans ( over the age of 7) and all other dogs!  I am even ok with the cat that lives at my home,  ( but I am a bit scared of her, She has claws!!)  and even the chickens I live with!!  ( they stay in their pen though)

Age: 3 years 10 months | Sex: Male

*Hi, I am currently in a foster home. Stayed tuned for updates!*

Are you looking for the perfect garnish to add to your life? Look no further than our lightly toasted fawn coloured Crouton!

Age: 5 years 11 months | Sex: Male

*Juice is in foster care*

Foster update:

Age: 2 years 11 months | Sex: Male

Benjamin is in foster care - foster update: "Benny has very much transitioned to home life very easily, from day 1 he was already eating, asking for pats, wanting to go on walks and sleeping in all parts of the home. He is a beautiful boy with floppy ears that loves being patted, loves food and loves sleeping anywhere.

He is very much use to a home routine and will let us know when it’s time to go potty by standing around the front door. He hasn’t had any accidents and will hold it throughout the night to make sure he can wee right outside under his favourite tree. He enjoys walking from 2-3 times a day with us, for fairly long walks, around 15-20 minutes. He is very good on the lead and never pulls. He will look at other people and dogs on walks but not pay too much attention.

Age: 4 years 7 months | Sex: Female

You've heard about the musical.

You've heard about the island holiday destination.

Age: 3 years 5 months | Sex: Male

Our sweet Melman seems to have come down with something… or so he thinks... That’s right, poor Melman is love sick! There’s only one cure for his illness and that’s a loving home where he can be spoilt for the rest of his life! 

Of course the gorgeous Melman isn’t really sick, but he’ll be sure to give you those puppy dog eyes to get what he wants! All Melman wants from his home is a comfy bed to lie on, lots of pats when he wants them and a never ending supply of toys! Is that too much to ask?! Melman is currently living in a foster home and learning the way of the world. He walks nicely on the lead and is polite to the other dogs he has met on his walks. He would be suitable to living in a home with another large breed dog. Melman is happy to be left on his own for a few hours at a time and would love a backyard to relax in while his family is away. A home with older children who can be respectful of his space and possessions would be okay as well. Melman loves to play with toys and can be seen throwing them about on his own in the yard! He is a very loving, happy boy who can’t wait to be adopted! Will you be the one to take him home? 

Age: 4 years 8 months | Sex: Male

Meet the dog who has eaten his sandwich crusts at least once in his life- Curly! Curly was named for the cute little hair curl on top of his head, which we believe makes him look devilishly handsome!

Curly loves neck scratches, can walk on a loose lead and enjoys his morning zoomies. He continues to come out of his shell every day and is learning what this 'pet life' stuff is all about. We are still getting to know Curly, but at this stage we believe Curly would do best in a home that could patiently introduce him to his new life as a couch potato. If he was to go to a house with children, Curly would prefer a household with kids with large dog experience who know how to let sleeping dogs lie.

Age: 1 year 7 months | Sex: Female

What's small, dark and holds things together? A staple!

This 1.5yr old girl is certain to keep your face smiling if you take her home. Staple is very friendly girl who can be a little shy at first, warming up to any new humans she meets if you crouch down and are patient. Given her shyness, Staple would prefer a home with older or no children.

Age: 7 years 6 months | Sex: Female

The beautiful Patty has just returned from foster care where she learned so many things! She lived with another large breed dog, met lots of greyhounds on walks, knows lots of manners and is still a big snuggle bug. This stunning lady is available for adoption and can't wait to find her forever home!

Patty cake, Patty cake, baker’s man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can… if you’ve been fighting the boredom of lockdown by perfecting your baking skills but would prefer a friend to keep you entertained instead then look no further than Patty! Patty would make the perfect companion to be by your side, and she doesn’t mind the occasional tasty treat either! 

Age: 2 years 11 months | Sex: Male

Vrooooom! Vrooooom! Do you want a new Jag?! I sure would if I got the chance!

Even though this Jag still goes really fast, he is not a car, better yet, he is a greyhound... and he is searching for his fur-ever home.

Age: 5 years 2 months | Sex: Male

Welcome Mr Archie to the GAP life!

Archie is a newbie to the program but is ready and waiting to find his fur-ever home; could this be your home?!

Age: 2 years 10 months | Sex: Male

*Parkie is in foster care*

Parkie has spent a few months in foster care and is more than ready to be your new best friend! Parkie is a true family man - great with kids, other greyhounds and has been exposed to lots of the big wide world in foster.

Age: 2 years 0 months | Sex: Male

*Waffle has just gone into foster care! Updates coming soon!*

You might be thinking “oh, what big ears this Greyhound has" but it’s all the better to hear you waffle on about how he is the best doggo around. Meet Waffle, a gentle and friendly 2 year old guy who is ready to find his forever home.

Age: 4 years 6 months | Sex: Female

Beautiful dark brindle Ladybug or Lady B as she has been nicknamed in her foster home, has spent some time in foster care with another female greyhound and is ready for her next adventure with you. Ladybug is always grinning from ear to ear and has an incredible nature which makes her a team favourite at GAP. You will be truly lucky to have Lady B!

"We think she’s ready for a home but either one with another dog or with company. She has settled in really well and is starting to act like a normal dog. LadyB does well on walks, interested in her surroundings and is less afraid of random car noises. We many interactions with other dogs as of yet but she is curious when they walk past. Most of our walks have been a combination of roadside and bush. Ladybug seems to stay away from May’s bowl if she is actively eating but as soon as she leaves, understandably, LadyB gets right in there. 

Age: 3 years 11 months | Sex: Female

Hi My name is Betsy and I am one of the calmest , friendliest girls you could ever hope to meet!

I am good with all types of Doggos, and polite to the chickens which are in a pen that I can see in my yard.  I am super affectionate and adore my humans!  I would love to spend time stealing your couch and watching TV in the evenings and enjoying some fun sniffaris during the day .

Age: 2 years 11 months | Sex: Female


Do i have your attention now? Good!

Age: 2 years 11 months | Sex: Male

Looking for a no-frills friendly boy?  Then Shadow might just fit the bill.  On one hand, there is nothing overly outstanding about Shadow, but on the other hand, everything about Shadow is perfect.  He is young, friendly, will talk to anyone and everyone and just enjoys life.  No frill but no issues either.

With impeccable lead manners, Shadow spends his days being walked by a retired gent around his farm surrounded with livestock and wildlife. While he has not been around children, he would be great for a home with older kids who are calm and respectful - and who are up for the odd game in the backyard of course. He has been in a foster home so is all over this inside stuff and is looking for his furever home now

Age: 3 years 6 months | Sex: Female

Avril is a sweet, gentle, quiet natured girl looking for her forever home.

She has spent some time in foster care with the below routine:

Age: 4 years 0 months | Sex: Female


Well she's all you'd ever want, she's the kind you'd like to flaunt and take for walkies. Well she's always in

Age: 3 years 2 months | Sex: Male

An update from foster: Gilley has become more and more affectionate, leaning in for cuddles and kisses, he's a real smoocher now. When his humans come home from work, he runs to greet them with a happy smile and wagging tail! Gilley has met lots of large breed dogs and even visited the golf course during his time in foster! He's becoming more settled each day and is looking forward to making the transition from a foster home to his forever home soon!

How’s that, Gilley is available for adoption?! This boy is an absolute catch and is ready for the biggest game of his life- the game of love.