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Age: 4 years 10 months | Sex: Female

*Flossy has gone to foster care*

Flossy has spent time in foster care: "Flossy is doing fantastic. She seems quite settled, mostly relaxing on her bed or exploring her new yard. She has learnt to go up & down the two stairs out the back so she’s a fast learner. She likes to sit with us or see what we are up to & then generally lay on her mat. She’s done a few zoomies around the backyard & a short walk around the block, she was curious about the new sounds & smells but very calm on Leash. She hasn’t been left alone yet but is unfazed if we are in another part of the house."

Age: 3 years 10 months | Sex: Male

Have a feeling that a big chunk of something is missing in your life? Meet Chunky, the boy that adds the fun, laughter and may or may not steal not only your heart but your food too!

Chunky boy is incredibly handsome and is Mr. Personality Plus! He finds just about everything and anything fun. Whether it playing with a toy, throwing his long lasting treats in the air or even our hats! Chunky is definitely looking for a home with a yard for lots of play and older children that are able to handle his size while jumping and playing around. He doesn't mind spending his time on his own for longer periods and is showing to be a lovely boy when meeting other canine friends (after some excitement of course!) He would however like to be the only doggo in his home to lap up all of the toys and human attention to himself!

Age: 4 years 6 months | Sex: Male

What does the fox say? Adopt me! True to his name, this boy is curious and playful but also has a shyer side. 

Handsome Fox is on the lookout for a quieter home without children and another large doggy friend where he can really come out of his shell. Once he does his playful side emerges and you’ll find him doing zoomies with his favourite toy hanging out of his mouth, so a backyard is a must for this boy. Fox has been paired with some female greyhounds during his time with us and we feel that having a furry friend helps boost his confidence.

Age: 4 years 8 months | Sex: Male

*Linguini has recently gone into foster care. Updates coming soon!*

Bonjourno. Tonight on the menu at la GAP Ristorante we have the most delectable Linguini you have ever laid eyes on. Beautiful golden brown noodle legs, a long fusilli tail and brown eyes like perfect little meatballs. Mm MMM!

Age: 2 years 9 months | Sex: Female

"I love people. People are the best. They has snacks and give me all the pats" - Izzy.

Izzy is a incredibly attentive girl, who is absolutely a delight to be around. She is highly people focused and wants to be involved in all activities that her family are involved in!

Age: 4 years 11 months | Sex: Male

He’s tall, (not) dark and handsome!

If Mattel’s Barbi and Ken had a hound, surely he’d look like our Kenny - K-Dog - as he’s affectionately known.

Age: 7 years 4 months | Sex: Female

Have you ever noticed just how beautiful bubbles can be? How many colours that can reflect on a bubble and how soon it can drift away from you? Well! Our Bubble is a little similar! This Bubble is ray of true sunshine and colours that might get snapped up before you know it!

At 7yo, Bubble has experienced a lot and has decided she wants to spend her days in the company of the human or canine kind (med/lrg dog preferred). Bubble also prefers a quieter home to retire and spend the rest of her day in. Teenage+ or no children would be best along with a backyard and quiet suburb.

Age: 4 years 0 months | Sex: Female

*Brinnie has gone to foster care*

Beautiful and tiny girl Brinnie is looking for a place to call home! 

Age: 4 years 0 months | Sex: Female

An update from foster: Vienetta has stolen the hearts of her foster family with her beautiful and gentle nature. She is quite adaptable and has slotted into her foster parents' life very quickly. She would make the perfect companion for almost any family!

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for… VIENETTA!” She is the Neapolitan of greyhounds with her beautiful brindle coat. Sugary sweet by nature, Vienetta’s smile will be melting your heart in no time. 

Age: 3 years 1 month | Sex: Male

Don’t get it twisted, our handsome boy Pretzel is quite the snack! With beautiful, sleek black fur and a charming smile, he will have you zooming back for seconds. Contrary to his name, Pretzel is far from salty. He is an energy filled, friendly, loving greyhound that is always in the mood for a walk.  

Pretzel is good with medium to large companions. So you can enjoy pretzel all on your own, or you can enjoy pretzel with a M/L fur friend. Pretzel is the kind of snack that is good for older kids. He loves to play with his toys and explore the yard, twisting and turning doing zoomies to pass the time. Pretzel can be left for a few hours at a time but would rather his family home more often than knot. When his family gets home, I am knot kidding, Pretzel will be over the moon to see you! Pretzel loves to go for walks and would suit a more active family. 

Age: 4 years 0 months | Sex: Male

*Mc Gill has started a new adventure - he has gone to foster care*

Hello friend! Welcome to my profile, I'm McGill the most handsome blue boy! I can play fetch so you know I'm very smart and I have come up with some words that rhyme with my name that describe me!

Age: | Sex:
Age: 2 years 1 month | Sex: Male

Hi my name is Axcel and I am on the lookout for a new bed to put my boots under.

If you think that you have the perfect spot for me please send a message and let my people know you want to meet me. Don't let my plain exterior fool you underneath my plain coat is a fun loving boy who is ready to retire early and find the perfect home.

Age: 5 years 11 months | Sex: Female

Welcome to Paris, the most beautiful and LOVEly greyhound. You could definitely fall in love with Paris, although she doesn't have the sights of the Eiffel Tower, or the Notre Dame Cathedral, she has the most beautiful personality, a beautiful blue coat, and the most hilarious floppy ears.

Paris is looking for her fur-ever home and is ready to go now! Her requirements for her home are as stated;

Age: 3 years 11 months | Sex: Female

Lovely lady Chloe has been affectionately given the nickname Clover in our care, and we are sure that she will make her new family feel even luckier than if they had found a dozen four-leaf clovers! 

Chloe is looking for a home where she will receive lots of gentle pats, treats (the crunchier the better), toys and of course a backyard to do zoomies in. Chloe also loves chasing after tennis balls but still hasn’t quite gotten the hang of how to hold them in her mouth without them falling out! 

Age: 2 years 1 month | Sex: Female

*Bauble has recently gone into foster care. Updates coming soon!*

Lacking a little cheer this festive season? Well we know exactly what you need! Say hello to our shiny Bauble!

Age: 3 years 3 months | Sex: Male

*Agent Ben has recently gone into foster care. Updates coming soon!*

The name’s Ben, Agent Ben. Reporting for duty for a very important mission. A mission to steal your heart!

Age: 9 years 4 months | Sex: Female

*Margie is in foster care*

Hey there, my name is Margie! Don't judge me on my age, nothing holds me back! I love having fun, going on walks, being silly and being your new best mate.

Age: 2 years 3 months | Sex: Female

*Alaska has gone to foster care*

Are you "Looking for Alaska"? Just like beautiful snowy mountains, this photogenic and breathtaking white girl is sure to catch your eye and if you're anything like us - taking hundreds of photos!

Age: 1 year 9 months | Sex: Male

*Crumble has started a new adventure and gone to foster care*

Hello my name is Crumble! I'm a gentle boy with an old soul. I am calm, quiet, lazy and will totally "crumble" your heart when you meet me. I have spent some time in foster care and the feedback was that I settle in quickly, sleeping and eating well and I was very well behaved. I am great with toilet training in a home too.