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Age: 4 years 6 months | Sex: Male

On a warm summer day there is nothing better than coming home to a cool, delicious Sunnyboy. While this one may not be as tasty as the orange flavoured treats, our Sunnyboy is still as sweet and enticing!

Sunnyboy is everything you could want in a man- tall, dark and incredibly handsome! Though shy and reserved at first, once Sunnyboy is comfortable with you he’ll greet you with a big smile and wagging tail! Due to his shy nature we think Sunnyboy would be better suited to an adults only home. Sunnyboy can settle on his own for a few hours at a time and would suit part-time or shift workers. He gets along well with the other greyhounds and would be suited to a home with another large breed dog. Sunnyoy is not suitable for dog parks or other off-lead dog areas. Sunnyboy would love to have a backyard to spend the day in where he can relax, play and explore. He walks nicely on the lead and would benefit from daily exercise. Like sunshine on a cloudy day, Sunnyboy’s happy smile will fill every day with love and joy. This gentle boy will make the perfect companion for someone just wanting a mate to spend their life with.

Age: 5 years 3 months | Sex: Male

With his happy and affectionate personality and those incredible ears with a mind of their own, this handsome fella is the whole package. 5-year-old Dukie is currently in foster care waiting patiently for his forever home. 

Having spent several weeks in foster care, Dukie is used to many of the sights and sounds of pet life which will make his transition to his forever home smoother. He is a super friendly and affectionate boy, who loves to socialise with every person he meets! He has a playful side and loves to chase his favourite squeaky toys, but after a few throws he is ready for some pats and affection or maybe a nap. He loves his humans so much that he would prefer not to be left alone all day, so a home where someone is home more often than not are best suited. Dukie is happy to share him new home with another dog around his size, however he does enjoy his own space too so a home without young kids would be best. Dukie loves spending time indoors with his family and promises to be well behaved in the house if he is allowed in for some quality time! Dukie loves his food and his walkies and has even mastered the stairs.

Age: 1 year 10 months | Sex: Male

Meet Spud and George, the sweetest (and cutest) brothers ever!

This 1.5yo duo are two halves of a whole. Where Spud goes, George follows. They are basically joined at the hip and it's very clear how much they adore each other.

Age: 1 year 11 months | Sex: Male


Meet the friendly and handsome Flanders! This long boi has legs for days and a quirky overbite that just adds to his good looks. Flanders is a very affectionate and loving boy whose favourite thing to do is put both front legs over you so that you can give him cuddles. Flanders would benefit from being in a home with a backyard where he can stretch those long legs, do zoomies and fetch his toys. He would prefer it if his family were home for most of the day so he can spend as much time with you as possible! Flanders likes to be the centre of attention and would prefer to be an only dog. He is happy to meet other dogs on his walks but living with one would take the spotlight away from him and he just couldn’t have that! Flanders will be your new best mate and how lucky you’ll be to have this gorgeous boy in your life.

Age: 4 years 1 month | Sex: Female

*Jade is in foster care! Stay tuned for updates*

This tiny, precious little gem is awaiting her forever home and will fill your life with love, colour and friendship.

Age: 2 years 7 months | Sex: Male

Have you been watching The Block this year? Well, there's a contestant on the show nicknamed Ron Dogs aka Ronnie, so we are introducing our Ron Dog, but we call him Ronnie. Although our Ronnie doesn't have any trade skills at all, he will make you happy and in love with the things he will do in your backyard.

Ronnie is such a sweet boy and is ready to be adopted! He has made so many friends within the hoomans at GAP HQ and also has a male greyhound friend who he spends his days with in their day yard.

Age: 4 years 7 months | Sex: Male

****In FOSTER CARE on the Central Coast****

Heya Guys, my name is Jimmy!

Age: 1 year 0 months | Sex: Female

You can't have a party without Confetti! This colourful young girl is patiently waiting for her forever home, could it be yours?

Confetti is quite a special lass as she was actually born without a tail! Because of this, we would prefer that she find a home with people who have experience with dogs and can understand how she's feeling. Even though she can't greet you with a wagging tail, she makes up for it with her wiggly body and adoring eyes. The ideal home for our Confetti is a house with a backyard in a quiet neighbourhood where she can keep exploring the big wide world slowly and at her own pace. She walks very nicely on lead and knows 'with me', where she will walk right next to your leg, happily trotting along on your little adventure together. If there are children in the home, they will preferably be over the age of 12 and relatively calm so that once she warms up, she can have someone to play with.

Age: 2 years 1 month | Sex: Female

Mischievous, Irresistible, Affectionate. All words to describe Mia! This stunning young girl is whole lot of fun and can’t wait to find her forever home.

Mia is a very friendly and energetic girl. She can be quite bouncy and excitable at first but once she calms down she is very affectionate and sweet. Mia would be best suited to a quiet, adult only home with experienced owners and a large yard to spend the day in. She would benefit from daily walks and playing with her toys. Mia gets along well with the other greyhounds she has met and would be happy to spend her life with another large breed dog. She can settle on her own for fulltime hours but needs to be included in family life once everyone is home. She has a lot of love to give and would really benefit from a family willing to give her lots of pats and attention.

Age: 6 years 2 months | Sex: Male

*I am in foster care! Stay tuned for updates*

A big, loveable goof with a heart of gold, that’s how we would describe Sturgis!

Age: 1 year 10 months | Sex: Female

Lovely Little Luna is looking for her loving fur-ever home.

This sweet tiny girl is just fantastic! She's very small, and sweet, also can be playful, and loves her human pals once she warms up to you.

Age: 3 years 4 months | Sex: Female

Notes from her foster mum......

I’m a chilled, gentle and playful pup who is used to home-life and great with other dogs, children and adults. I love lying in the sun, birdwatching, playing tug, doing zoomies, and going on walks to smell new smells. I’m a super curious soul who is willing to try new things. I love learning tricks, especially when there are treats involved.

Age: 3 years 10 months | Sex: Female

Adorable little Cuddles is best known for being the waggiest girl in the kennels! All you have to do is simply look her way, her tail is wagging like a helicopter taking off! 

At only 3-years-old, Cuddles has a lot of love to give and fun times to have! She loves spending time with her humans and will gladly join in any family activity whether it’s going for a walk around the block, enjoying some sunshine in the backyard or just cosying up to watch some TV together. Cuddles doesn’t mind being left alone for a few hours at a time and would suit those who work part-time/casual hours as long as your neighbourhood is on the quieter side! Cuddles would happily be left alone longer if she had a medium-large canine companion to spend her downtime with. Cuddles is also happy to share her new home with older, respectful kids who would enjoy her playful side!

Age: 4 years 9 months | Sex: Male

Hey - got a spare Lab hanging around at home?  Its okay if you don't as Maddox would be just as happy having you at home all day if you don't have a medium/large sized furry friend needing some company.  Maddox is the complete (and I mean complete) package.

• Already living inside

Age: 4 years 4 months | Sex: Female

*Ladybug is in foster care! Stay tuned for updates!*

Introducing GAPs resident lucky charm, Ladybug! This sweet natured 4 year old dark brindle gal is looking for her forever home. It’s well known that when a ladybug lands on you, it’s a sign of good luck, so whoever lands this adorable pooch can consider themselves the luckiest home in the world! 

Age: 2 years 6 months | Sex: Male

Shadow is both is independent yet affectionate

Shadow is an independent guy who is not an in your pocket dude.  He knows what he wants and is happy within his own skin.  Don't get me wrong, the moment that you are home he is your side kick, but he has the ability to let you go and be you while he goes and does him

Age: 2 years 7 months | Sex: Female

** Paris has been in foster care and doing very well! Her foster carer reports that she is enjoying her walks and loves being indoors **

Who needs the city of love when this pretty lady could be your soulmate?

Age: 4 years 8 months | Sex: Female

*Eevee has just gone into foster care with a greyhound foster-brother to show her the ropes of pet life! Updates coming soon!*

If you are after an affectionate, loving, sweet-natured and calm girl to be your new best friend then look no further, Eevee is all of that and more.

Age: 3 years 6 months | Sex: Male

*Garrett is currently in foster care. Stay tuned for updates!*

Garrett is a handsome and confident lad looking for his next adventure…could that be with you?

Age: 4 years 1 month | Sex: Male

Pickle is in a foster home with a family with 2 kids.

"Pickle is settling in well, he enjoys walks and is warming up to pet life with every day! He and my boys (aged 11 & 8) get on very well together which is wonderful. He’s very gentle and affectionate with them, and even in a playful state never jumps up on anyone. We would definitely recommend him for a family with kids so long as they’re not scared by his size. "