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Adopt Older Greyhounds

Adopt a Senior Greyhound? Well I Never…

If you’ve never thought about adopting a senior greyhound, think again!

Greyhounds lead long healthy lives, with a life span of around 12 – 14 years, and by the time they’re six, they’re pretty much classified as seniors. They’re full sized, well behaved and, while they enjoy a bit of physical and mental stimulation, they’re well and truly over nipping at your ankles for constant attention or a walk. Yes, at six, greyhounds have plenty of years ahead of them and they’re looking for love and a long-term family for companionship.

I know, you may be tempted to take on a puppy. After all, they’re sweet to look at, gorgeous to cuddle and you’ll have them for longer than six or eight years… but have you really thought about it?

Puppies can be difficult to train. Teething, toileting, crying, escaping… they’re a bundle of energy that requires constant time and attention you may not have. And do you know how big they’ll grow or how their personality will express itself?

Adopting a senior greyhound, takes all the guesswork – and a lot of the hard work – out of the equation.

Senior greyhounds are fully grown, so you know what you’re getting and they’re low-maintenance – they shed lightly and an occasional brush and a nail clip is all you’ll need to do.

They’re also compliant – so while you might think you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, when it comes to greyhounds, you can! Being naturally laid-back, intelligent and sensitive, they’ll respond well to the right training methods… and give them somewhere soft and warm to lie and they’ll quickly settle in and love their new home.

Take it easy with your greyhound

If you’re not into exercise in a big way, a senior greyhound is most likely the best choice for you. They may be the fastest breed of dogs in the world, but they’re not into lengthy outings – an easy stroll to the park or the local shops will do – in fact if you let them, they’ll probably sleep all day (but please don’t).

Sadly, there’s a common misconception out there that greyhounds are aggressive – most likely because when you see images of them racing, they’re wearing a muzzle. Don’t be put off – muzzles are simply used to protect greyhounds from injury when they’re on the track. Off track, most greyhounds are quiet, gentle, even docile… they make a great pet for most families and almost all age groups because they just want to fit in and be loved.

Speaking of which, if you’ve got school-aged kids, or on the other end of the spectrum, you’re a senior yourself, don’t be deterred from choosing a greyhound as your pet. For all the above reasons and more, this could be the ideal breed to wake up to in the morning, take for a gentle stroll across the day and keep you company into the evening too.

Want to adopt a senior greyhound?

Greyhounds As Pets regularly have senior greyhounds come through our program. As a special incentive to adopt a senior greyhound, we have reduced adoption fees for all greyhounds over seven years old to $150. We currently have two beautiful mature ladies – Bell and Amber – waiting to find a home.

If you’re interested in bringing a new furry family member home, make sure to head to our next Adoption Day at Kellyville Pets on March 18 from 10am-2pm. Our experienced team will be on hand to answer all your questions, plus we will have over 20 greyhounds ready and waiting for pats!