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Archie Dimity

Champion off the Track – Archie the Greyhound

Archie the greyhound was a star performer on the track – and now he is proving a champion off it.

The handsome white and brindle greyhound, who as Goldengrove Lad won almost $45,000 in prize money and raced against some of the country’s best greyhounds of recent years, was one of a record 470 greyhounds adopted out by the Greyhounds As Pets scheme in 2016.

After successfully passing the Greyhounds As Pets assessment, which is a prerequisite for all greyhounds that are adopted out by Greyhounds As Pets, he was adopted as a pet by Malabar resident Dimity Holt in October last year.

Mrs Holt, whose husband passed away 18 months ago, said Archie had become the perfect pet in retirement.

“He’s such a gentle and intelligent dog,” she said. “He really is low maintenance. He sleeps for 18 hours a day, doesn’t leave hair everywhere and only needs about 20 minutes exercise a day.

“He’s made a wonderful pet and I’m so happy to call him mine.”

Archie made his debut on Boxing Day 2014 and scored 11 wins and 10 minor placings in his 45 starts before injury ended his racing career in April 2016.

He won eight races at NSW’s top track (Wentworth Park), and also took part in preludes of the Melbourne Cup – the world’s best greyhound race.

He has proved the perfect companion for Mrs Holt, her Alaskan Malamute German Shepherd cross Narla and Princess, her Siamese cat.

“Archie just loves people,” she said. “I took him to a Christmas party and all the little girls there took him for spin around the block.

“He loved getting patted – and gets on with my cat as well.”

“He’s just a lovely, good-natured dog.”

Before coming into the Greyhounds As Pets program, Archie’s former trainer did plenty of work to ensure he would make a great pet.

“Archie’s trainer did a great job preparing him for life after racing,” Greyhounds As Pets Rehoming and Welfare Operations Manager Lori McKern said. “It shows that with assistance from participants, racing greyhounds can make great pets.”

“Preparing a greyhound for Greyhounds As Pets does not take a lot of extra work in most cases and this goes a long way to ensuring that greyhound can have a happy life with a loving owner.”

“We’re ecstatic Archie has settled well into his new home and we wish him and Dimity a great future together.”

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