Man with 3 Greyhounds

Todd McKenney to front inaugural GAP National Adoption Day

In a national first, every Australian state will combine next month for the GAP National Adoption Day with Sky Racing signing on as a naming rights sponsor.

The Greyhound Adoption Programs in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania and Greyhounds as Pets in Western Australia and New South Wales, will each host an adoption day on April 29 as part of a nation-wide push to boost awareness of greyhounds as pets.

Theatre star, radio host and TV personality Todd McKenney has signed on to be the official ambassador for the National Adoption Day.

McKenney, who has two pet greyhounds of his own, said he had fallen in love with the breed since learning about greyhound adoption from a friend.

“They are such a beautiful breed and often misunderstood. People’s perception of a greyhound and the reality of what a greyhound is actually like as a pet can often be two different things,” McKenney said.

“They’re lazy, they’re loving and they run like the wind – it’s amazing to watch. But they are just really relaxed dogs. They are chilled out, I love that energy around me, they’re just slow, lazy and gorgeous.”

The New South Wales event will be held at Wentworth Park (Wentworth Park Rd, Glebe) on Sunday 29th April from 10am till 2pm. There will be 40 greyhounds available for adoption on the day.

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