Essential Feeding Advice: How To Keep Your Dog Happy (Infographic)

The best way to any dogs’ heart is through their tummies! Learn how to feed your dog in our latest infographic.

When it comes to our favourite furry friends, we dog-owners want to do all we can to keep them happy and healthy. Central to this is the maintenance of a healthy, well-balanced diet. Feeding a dog is no longer as simple as pouring a can of dog food into a bowl and leaving it for them to eat at their leisure. Rather, we need to follow some key guidelines to ensure that our pets get the exact nutrition they need.

Generally speaking, a well-balanced doggie diet is rich in certain nutrients such as fibre, protein and vitamins. Good sources of these include dry, wet and raw dog food. You can also complement these with scraps of human food such as chicken meat, green beans and salmon. Mixers are also a good option. It’s also crucial to keep your canine well-hydrated so you will need to make sure that water is always available to them.

However, each dog’s nutritional needs depend on a range of factors such as age, breed, size and activity level. For example, a diet for a small breed like a Chihuahua or a Westie would not be suitable for a large breed like a Great Dane or St. Bernard. What’s more, puppies grow 20 times faster than adult dogs and as such will have very different nutritional needs.

In addition to this, responsible dog owners or foster care workers should take the time to get familiar with the foods that are toxic to dogs. There are a number of common foods that could have potentially lethal consequences for our four-legged friends, examples include: onions, raw egg and chocolate.

Take a look at the infographic below to learn more essential dog-feeding tips.