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My Greyhound Story – meet Whiskey

When Jill McNally adopted a greyhound from the GAP NSW program, she had no idea the impact it would have on her life.

‘Whiskey’ – formerly named ‘Goldie’ – would change her life for the better.

Already having a greyhound in her home, Jill was looking to find a friend for their existing pet ‘Slash’.

Going through the process of researching and finding information like any interested adopter would, Jill arrived at GAP NSW and believed she found her best option for adoption.

“Whiskey makes me laugh and brings a smile to my face no matter what!”

Jill McNally

“We actually looked into getting Whiskey because Slash loved other dogs and we wanted to get him a friend,” said Jill.

“I adopted Goldie (now Whiskey) from GAP after a lot of searching via Google and came to the conclusion that GAP had the best intentions for their greyhounds.

“They went through a lot of communication to make sure we were suitable for the adoption and disclosed any further information that would have been helpful during the process.”

It was when Whiskey arrived home that Jill was exposed to the the truly positive impact a greyhound can have on a household.

The changes came two fold; firstly, the calming and relaxed nature of the greyhound and then the quality activity and exercise that comes with pet ownership.

In Jill’s case, Whiskey was the perfect training partner.

“Having a greyhound has shown me what it’s like to be the best couch potato,” Jill said with a smile.

“But also, it’s helped me see the brighter side of life and to enjoy a nice stroll twice a day which has helped me lose 10kgs.”

It is positive impacts like this that make greyhound adoption such a special journey and experience for many people who find their new best mate through the adoption process.

And once this adoption process is complete and finds it’s way into the home, that is when, like it has been for Jill and so many others, the fun really begins.

“Whiskey makes me laugh and brings a smile to my face no matter what!

“She is always there beside me and will demand pats and scratches all day if you’re around.

“Even approaching strangers in the dog park or the street for some pats. She will take them any way she can!”

For Jill, the ability to walk into the house and have a character such as Whiskey greets her with a wagging tail and button eyes is something that lights up her world each, and every day.

It is also the satisfaction of knowing that she will be welcoming a mate into a loving home where Whiskey is set to enjoy a life of luxury.

“The best thing about adopting my greyhound is knowing that I am giving them a good home to spend their remaining years in.

“Whiskey is always there for a snuggle and has such a gentle nature, so in tough times she is an amazing mate who always seem to melt away all your problems.

“Whiskey gets so excited when she sees a cake coming out of the oven that she shakes and can’t breathe until she gets some.

“It’s quite a strange noise and was scary at first but now it’s cute to see her excitement.

“She also lets out a huge sigh or yawn every time she lays down and gets comfy.”

Would Jill recommend adopting a greyhound for anyone working through the process? Absolutely she would.

“I would whole heartily recommend GAP as the support and guidance we received was beyond expected and made sure my other greyhound and Whiskey were a good match before proceeding with the adoption.”

If you are thinking of adopting or fostering a greyhound from the GAP NSW program, or know of anyone who would then, please get in touch with our team via email: if you are thinking of adopting or fostering at this time of isolation, please make sure you have taken the time to think through whether this is the right decision for you. We would love for you to join the GAP family but want you to be sure!