Greyhound in a Bath Tub

Weekend adoptions brings love to many

In these unprecedented times of working from home and self-isolation, it can sometimes get a little lonely. As such there has never been a better time to meet your new best mate, and this type of visitor is permitted by the Government and authorities.

Ask anyone who has ever owned one, and they will loudly testify that greyhounds make wonderful pets, and over the past weekend, quite a few people embarked on discovering exactly how good they are.

Last weekend, the Greyhounds As Pets NSW (GAP) program experienced an influx of interest, and reported that by the end of the weekend another 20 greyhounds have found new homes with their new families.

The GAP facility at Wyee saw 10 greyhounds find new homes (6 adoptions, 4 fostering) while a further 10 greyhounds (5 adoptions, 5 foster) from the GAP Western Sydney centre at Londonderry, found their new families.

As these 20 families will quickly realise, there has never been a better time to find a new family member by welcoming a greyhound into your home by either fostering, or adoption.

On behalf of everyone here at the GAP NSW program, we’d like to thank all of those who welcomed a greyhound into their family over the weekend and we hope – no, we are certain – they will bring a smile to your face during this time.

To those looking to adopt or foster a greyhound our adoption centres are currently open (under strict biosecurity measures and by appointment only) with our passionate team committed more than ever to help find you a greyhound to brighten both your day and theirs!

If you are thinking of fostering or adopting a greyhound, please go to or email and one of our staff members will get in touch with you as soon as they can.