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NSW restrictions have eased

While physical distancing and handwashing are still the new way of life, restrictions in NSW have eased a little which means life for you and your pooch are slowly returning to normal.

While the road to get back to complete normality is a little way off, there are plenty of options for you and your 4-legged companion to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air again.

Here’s a guide on what we are now allowed to do (from June 1):

  • Dog parks are now open: Enjoy a game of fetch or allow your greyhound to do the zoomies they love so much and take advantage of the wide-open space. Remember that under the Companion Animals Act in NSW that for greyhounds to be off lead and unmuzzled in an off-leash dog park they need to have Greenhound status. To find out more about how your greyhound can become a Greenhound go to
  • Cafés can have up to 50 patrons: Sit down for Sunday breakfast or brunch while your pup sips on a puppacino at your local dog-friendly café
  • Interstate holiday travel allowed: Pack the car for a road trip or getaway in regional NSW. Support local businesses and visit regional towns where you can stay, play and eat out under the new eased restrictions

As Australia starts to resemble the country we once knew, and we get back to the outdoors lifestyle that we are so accustomed to living, we must ensure that we adhere to the social distancing rules and safe hygiene practices for the safety of yourself and those around you.

Stay up to date with all of the NSW restrictions and guidelines here.