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Life after COVID-19

Chances are that your greyhound has now become used to the extra attention they’ve been receiving at home, the extra walks and play-time, and perhaps the additional treats that they’ve been spoiled with while owners have been in isolation or working from home.

Now that we are slowly transitioning back into ‘normal life’, it’s important that we also transition our greyhounds back to life as they knew it – before COVID. Change is not easy and dogs can easily become confused and sometimes anxious when the house is once again empty, and they are left on their own for most of the day.

To make the transition as smooth as possible, here are some tips that you can start to implement now to ensure your four-legged friend is ready for what’s coming next:

Ease separation anxiety

Dogs need to trust that you will return home. To help them gain confidence in their ability to be alone, try leaving your home without them for short periods and increase these incrementally. For example, you can take a 15-minute walk around the block, then increase this to 30 minutes and start working your way up to a few hours.

Alone time

Give your dog alone time when you are at home, so they don’t become accustomed to being around you all the time. Ensure they have their own space such as a bed, crate or kennel, where they are comfortable and safe.

Rest and sleep time

Just like humans, dogs need to rest and sleep too, in fact they sleep during the day too. If your dog is resting or sleeping, leave them be and ensure children do not disturb them during this time.

Mental and physical enrichment

Mental stimulation is important for dogs to keep them occupied while you are away. Use toys such as wobblers, treat puzzles and Kongs to keep them busy and distracted while you are away.

It’s never too early to start implementing the above methods to ensure your four-legged friend is mentally and physically ready for life to return to its regular rhythm.