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Lovable Loki

When Pip decided to adopt, it was essential to select a breed that was sweet-natured, as well as being low maintenance with minimal shedding. That’s when she found Loki the greyhound, who has made their household a whole lot happier and healthier (thanks to all the extra walks).

When Loki came home, he took a few days to come out of his shell. His life on the race track meant that he had only been around greyhounds his entire life, despite his size and athletic frame, he was fearful of other dog breeds. Thanks to his daily walks, and the nurturing of his new owners, he’s now a confident and happy dog – in fact, he dances around the living room in excitement like a puppy when he knows he’s about to go on his next walk.

What Loki lacks in experience as a pet, he makes up for in personality. He is the biggest sook and loves nothing more than to lay down and have cuddles on the couch. He has also become the ultimate escape artist, learning how to open doors with his nose and head!

The advice that Pip would give to anyone considering greyhound adoption would be to ‘be patient, and ask questions. They are the best company and are super smart. They are the most wonderful additions to any family’.

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