Greyhound adoption is a five step process:

  1. Fill in the form which tells us everything we need to know about you and your lifestyle
  2. We match you with a greyhound we believe will suit your lifestyle – we may even suggest a few!
  3. You fall in love with a greyhound and decide to take one home.
  4. You will receive a muzzle, lead, collar, worming treatment and a comprehensive document outlining your greyhounds’ history and personality
  5. You will receive access to a high level of support both during and after adoption.

Click below to download a copy of the comprehensive manual which all adopters receive as part of the adoption process.

Greyhounds as Pets Manual 2017.pdf

By choosing to adopt a greyhound you’re choosing a wonderful pet who will provide you with many years of companionship and company.

Once your greyhound has settled into your home, they will truly become part of the family.

All dogs, whether they are a greyhound or any other breed, will require time to settle into their new home and you will play a key role in this process. During the first 3-6 months you should be prepared for ‘accidents’ as your greyhound gets to know you and its new home. The comprehensive manual you are provided with prior to adoption (available here) will help you navigate through some of the most frequent ‘accidents’. Your greyhound will enjoy a 15-20 minute walk once or twice a day depending on your greyhound’s age, personality and energy levels. They will also spend most of the day resting, sometimes sleeping 16-20 hours per day. They are affectionate dogs and will let you know how much they have missed you when you get home!

A great companion and loyal addition to the family

Greyhounds are gentle, highly affectionate dogs. They are low maintenance dogs that will become your new best friend from day one.

A great companion for just about anyone

Some greyhounds will make great companions for older people whilst some greyhounds will enjoy busy family life. Greyhounds each have their own personality, and our team will help you find the couch potato or the ball energy that will best suit your lifestyle.

For more information on greyhound adoption, fill in an application form or give our friendly staff a call on 02 8767 0534. We are more than happy to assist you with any questions regarding greyhound adoption.