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Sydney’s Most Flexible Greyhound Foster Program

Provide crucial foster care for dogs in need. A strong network of foster carers allows Greyhounds As Pets to accept more dogs into the program and ultimately find more homes for more dogs.

This video explains what you can expect over the 6 weeks of fostering a greyhound.

Foster carers play a vital role in helping greyhounds make the transition to life as a pet. By providing a home for a greyhound for just 6 weeks you will be giving a greyhound the best start to the rest of its long and happy life.

Greyhounds As Pets are here to support you and your greyhound through the entire process.

Greyhounds As Pets foster carers are provided with everything they need to get started:

  • Collar
  • Lead
  • Muzzle
  • Dry food
  • Bowls (if needed)
  • Bedding (if needed)
  • We’ll even provide a manual! Click here to see the latest version of the manual

Choosing to foster a dog is a very rewarding experience for both the greyhound and its carers. Over the 6 weeks you will play a critical role in helping one of our foster dogs to begin to adapt to life as a pet. Your greyhound may initially seem a very shy and reserved character. As you become more familiar to each other and they start to become accustomed to your home their personality will shine through. It is amazing to be part of this experience. If this is your first experience with the greyhound breed you will want to read through our FAQ’s which will answer most of your initial questions.


How do you get started fostering a dog? It’s easy.

  • Complete this application form, which tells us about you, your home and your lifestyle
  • We will contact you to find a suitable 6 week foster period
  • Prior to getting your dog, you will need to complete a brief online introduction which goes into more detail about the greyhound breed, how to introduce the dog to your home and key things to look out for.
  • One of our foster dogs is allocated to you and you pick up everything you need to get started (as we outlined above)
  • After 6 weeks you can choose to return the dog to Greyhounds As Pets or keep them with you until a suitable adopter is found
  • During the 6 week foster period we may have adoption applications which will suit the particular dog you are fostering. During this time we may ask you to facilitate a meet and greet with the greyhound’s potential adopter. If this meeting is successful we will be in touch to guide everyone through the next steps.

Greyhounds As Pets are with you every step of the way and can provide you with advice and support. We can provide additional resources and support over email or over the phone. We also have a dog behaviourist available to assist with more complex matters.

If you’d like to know more about providing foster care for dogs in need contact us at our Sydney office on or 1800 696 377.

Ready to lend a hand and give a greyhound the best start to the next phase of their life? Complete the application form !