Todd McKenney to star again at GAP National Adoption Day

Following the success of the inaugural 2018 campaign, each Australian state will join together next month for the second GAP National Adoption Day.

The Greyhound Adoption Programs in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania as well as Greyhounds as Pets in Western Australia and New South Wales, will each host an adoption day on April 28 as part of a nation-wide push to boost awareness of greyhounds as pets.

In 2018, the campaign saw 212 greyhounds re-homed across the country.

Theatre star, radio host and TV personality Todd McKenney fronted the 2018 campaign and was so overwhelmed with the response that he has signed on for 2019.

McKenney, who has two pet greyhounds of his own, said he was happy to be part of the campaign this year and was blown away by the success and response from last year.

“I went to the Melbourne event last and it made me feel very warm to know that our message that greyhounds make great pets is getting out there,” McKenney said.

“There were so many people there and it was great to see these beautiful dogs starting their life as family pets. “They really are the best dogs. They are playful, cheeky and fiercely loyal but it is their loving nature that I love the most.

“I just want to spread the word, I want greyhounds in every household I know of.”

GAP NSW will hold it’s National Adoption Day at Wentworth Park on Sunday, April 28.

GRNSW CEO Tony Mestrov said welfare was at the centre of what GRNSW and GAP NSW does and that National Adoption Day was a great platform to showcase this.

“GRNSW is proud to be part of this national initiative, uniting with the governing bodies of every Australian state, to showcase what will be another significant day for greyhound adoption in this country,” GRNSW Chief Executive Tony Mestrov said.

“Last year a total of 42 greyhounds found new homes as a result of our National Adoption Day at Wentworth Park, setting a new benchmark for the GAPNSW program, surpassing the 38 adopted in 2016, and contributing the national record which was set on the day, with 212 greyhounds adopted. We are very keen to improve on those numbers in 2019, both in NSW and nationally.

“Welfare is at the forefront of what we do at GRNSW, and while there has been some very good work done in the area of welfare and through the GAPNSW program, we are determined to do more.

“The welfare of dogs is an extremely high priority for GRNSW, and through initiatives like the National Adoption Day we are continuing to care and cater for greyhounds post their racing careers.”

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Exciting news just in, we will be having a GRAND OPENING Adoption DAY at our new Western Sydney Facility, 295 Reynolds Rd, Londonderry. The Adoption day will open at 10am and go through to 2pm.

It is really important that you register and fill in an application form before you go. You can get more information and do that on our events page here. The bonus for registering is you will get access to our Dog-a-log, giving you the chance to see all the dogs available on the day and perhaps make a short list for yourself.

Plenty of GAP staff and volunteers will be there to keep you informed and answer any questions you might have about adopting a Greyhound. It’s going to be an amazing day with around 25 greyhounds available for adoption – so if you are serious in selecting a greyhound please REGISTER NOW and we will see you there!

View the full dog-a-logue ahead of Sunday’s Adoption Day here.

Kellyville Pets – Dog-a-log

Here is a sneak peek at the Adoption Day Dog-a-log with details of all the greyhounds we’ll be bringing to the event tomorrow at Kellyville Pets, we will be there from 9am – 1pm.

There will be around 30 greyhounds available for adoption on the day. There will also be a number of GAP staff and volunteers on hand to answer any questions and to provide lots of information on all things greyhound adoption.

For more information and to register, click here.

Essential Feeding Advice: How To Keep Your Dog Happy (Infographic)

The best way to any dogs’ heart is through their tummies! Learn how to feed your dog in our latest infographic.

When it comes to our favourite furry friends, we dog-owners want to do all we can to keep them happy and healthy. Central to this is the maintenance of a healthy, well-balanced diet. Feeding a dog is no longer as simple as pouring a can of dog food into a bowl and leaving it for them to eat at their leisure. Rather, we need to follow some key guidelines to ensure that our pets get the exact nutrition they need.

Generally speaking, a well-balanced doggie diet is rich in certain nutrients such as fibre, protein and vitamins. Good sources of these include dry, wet and raw dog food. You can also complement these with scraps of human food such as chicken meat, green beans and salmon. Mixers are also a good option. It’s also crucial to keep your canine well-hydrated so you will need to make sure that water is always available to them.

However, each dog’s nutritional needs depend on a range of factors such as age, breed, size and activity level. For example, a diet for a small breed like a Chihuahua or a Westie would not be suitable for a large breed like a Great Dane or St. Bernard. What’s more, puppies grow 20 times faster than adult dogs and as such will have very different nutritional needs.

In addition to this, responsible dog owners should take the time to get familiar with the foods that are toxic to dogs. There are a number of common foods that could have potentially lethal consequences for our four-legged friends, examples include: onions, raw egg and chocolate.

Take a look at the infographic below to learn more essential dog-feeding tips.

National Greyhound Adoption Day Dog-A-Log Released for NSW

The National Greyhound Adoption Day will be held this Sunday at Wentworth Park, Glebe.

Greyhounds As Pets (GAP) are putting the final touches on their preparations for the day, with 50 greyhounds making their way to the event looking to find their forever home.

GAP Re-homing Manager Kyle Maher is preparing for a busy day. “50 greyhounds will be the most we have ever had at an adoption day and I can’t wait to see the atmosphere that this creates. These days are always filled with such positivity, it’s always really pleasing to see so many dogs find new loving families” Kyle said.

With the event having so many greyhounds available, and with so much interest in the day from prospective adopters, GAP have released the ‘Dog-a-log’ of greyhounds available on the day. This document contains the profiles of all 50 dogs attending on Sunday, allowing you to establish which greyhounds may be best fit with your family and lifestyle.

Click here to view the Dog-a-log.

If you’re coming along to the event, you can complete an application beforehand here which will speed up the application and matching process.


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