2019 Dogs Lovers Show a success for GAP NSW

The finals number and details are in, and for the first time since its inception in 2014, the attendance at this year’s Dog Lovers Show – recently held this year at the Sydney Showground – topped 30,000.

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Adorable girls Alisa and Phillip couldn’t resist

Alisa Pollack and Phillip Hay with Fiddle and Parcel on Adoption Day

When Alisa Pollack and her partner Phillip Hay left their inner city home two Saturdays ago, and headed to Londonderry, there was no guarantee they would have an extra passenger on the trip home.

The couple were headed west for the final Greyhounds As Pets Adoption Day of 2019 at the GAP NSW Western Sydney facility.

When they made the return trip home, they did so with a full car.

“We weren’t definitely going to adopt that day,” Alisa said. “But getting a dog by adoption – and probably a greyhound – was something my partner and I had been discussing for quite a while.

“We had spoken about getting a bonded pair, but we didn’t know Parcel and Fiddle were going to be there. They were, and they are gorgeous, and we couldn’t resist.”

A total of 16 greyhounds were adopted on the day at Londonderry, but the highlight for all GAP NSW staff was when the “two old girls”, Fiddle and Parcel, were adopted by Alisa and Phillip.

Fiddle and Parcel are eight and half year old sisters, and not only blood relations, but best friends. The have grown up together, and it was always thought that the perfect scenario would be for someone to adopted the girls as a ‘set’.

“As we were walking out with Fiddle and Parcel, everyone we walked past, was like:  “Oh you’re taking them … that’s amazing””, Alisa said.

And that was exactly what happened with the girls heading from Londonderry to Paddington.

“As we were walking out with Fiddle and Parcel, everyone we walked past, was like:  “Oh you’re taking them … that’s amazing””, Alisa said.

“They have settled in really well. They are very happy, sleeping all day, and occasionally waking up for food and squeaky toys. They are adorable.

“Neither of us have ever had a dog before. I remember when I was younger my family had a fish and it lived for about a week, the poor thing.

“My partner had briefly been left with an ex-girlfriend’s cat for a short time, and that was about it for us both with pets, so yes, it was a real jump in the deep in, but they are totally worth it.”

The final Greyhounds As Pets Adoption Day for 2019 was also a way for staff and volunteers to also celebrate Christmas with all visitors on the day, and reflect on a wonderful year.

Throughout 2019, Greyhounds As Pets have held Adoption Days at Rose Bay (where the inaugural GAP NSW Ambassador Tim Cahill attended), Bathurst, Maitland, Belrose, Campbelltown, Londonderry and of course the huge National Adoption Day at Wentworth Park in April.

In total, 116 greyhounds were adopted and found new homes, purely as a result of GAP NSW Adoption Days this year.

Successful GAP Adoption Day at Belrose

It was another popular and very successful Greyhounds As Pets Adoption Day held at Petstock Belrose on Saturday.

A large crowd filtered through the venue across the morning and early afternoon, many to find out more information about the program and the greyhounds, even more for a look, and several who attended specifically to find that a new pet.

At the end of the four hours, a total of 14 greyhounds had been adopted and another was fostered, making the Belrose day yet another success for Greyhounds As Pets.

Apart from the 15 greyhounds which found new homes, there were a number of enquiries received following the day, and the team at GAP NSW are now setting about matching those potential owners with their ideal greyhound.

There will be more Greyhounds As Pets Adoption Days in coming months, so anyone interested should keep updated on the our website,

Socceroo Legend Tim Cahill Announced As Greyhounds As Pets Ambassador

Socceroo legend Tim Cahill is the new face of Greyhound Adoption in NSW, after today being announced as the inaugural Ambassador of the State’s Greyhounds as Pets program.

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Press Release – The Great Global Greyhound Walk 2019

The Great Global Greyhound Walk, which takes place on Sunday 9th June 2019, is an annual celebration of one of the most historic and recognisable breeds of dog, famed for their incredible athleticism, noble stature, gentle nature, and calm temperament.

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Hugely successful National Adoption Day on Sunday

A fantastic crowd was on hand to meet the beautiful dogs at the National Adoption Day

A tremendous day, amazing weather, and a wonderful result, was how Sunday’s NSW event of the second annual National Adoption Day has been described.

Just a week after hosting one of the calendar’s big racing events, the Ladbrokes Golden Easter Egg, Wentworth Park was again the scene on Sunday for a significant annual event, this time off the track.

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Todd McKenney to star again at GAP National Adoption Day

Following the success of the inaugural 2018 campaign, each Australian state will join together next month for the second GAP National Adoption Day.

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Kellyville Pets – Dog-a-log

Here is a sneak peek at the Adoption Day Dog-a-log with details of all the greyhounds we’ll be bringing to the event tomorrow at Kellyville Pets, we will be there from 9am – 1pm.

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Essential Feeding Advice: How To Keep Your Dog Happy (Infographic)

The best way to any dogs’ heart is through their tummies! Learn how to feed your dog in our latest infographic.

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National Greyhound Adoption Day Dog-A-Log Released for NSW

The National Greyhound Adoption Day will be held this Sunday at Wentworth Park, Glebe.

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