PAWS For Sick Kids

We are raising money for Ronald McDonald House Charities Sydney by taking part in PAWS for Sick Kids this August.

With the help of our greyhounds, we will be undertaking the Pawfessional Challenge, which comprises of 7 tasks that we must complete.

1.Temptation Challenge
: To see if obedience or self-indulgence will prevail, we will place a nice tasty treat in front of a greyhound and then tell them to wait to eat it. With the camera still recording, we leave the room. We wonder if the treat will still be there when we return?

2. The Mario Cart challenge:
We will place a line of treats in a row and tell our greyhound to wait. Using tik tok to record this challenge, with the Mario Cart music, we will record how our greyhound retrieves the treats.

3. Active challenge
: We will aim to walk (or run) 5km a day. We will post photos of our daily adventures.

4. The 5 commands on cue challenge
: Sit, lay-down, high five, bark (or purr). Whatever quirks our greyhounds have, we will take a video and post it using the hashtag #pawsforsickids

5. Hide and Seek Challenge:
Hide-and-seek is composed of two elements: there is the one who is hiding, and there is the one who is seeking (it's pretty simple, really). Our greyhounds will play the part of seeker, sniffing out things they love like toys, or food.

6. Selfie Challenge
: We will take a fun selfie with our greyhounds and post it on Facebook.

7. Household Challenge:
We will take a photo of our greyhounds doing household chores like washing the dishes, sweeping or making the bed and post it on our facebook page.

How you can help

We hope you enjoy watching all of the fun tasks we will be capturing, but what we really need, is help to reach our goal of $3,000. Show your support by donating here.

The sweetener

GRNSW have made a commitment to MATCH ALL DONATIONS for dollar. That means, for every dollar you give, you are actually giving the gift of $2.

Get behind this pawtastic initiative donate here today.