Why you should be using a Martingale collar

Not all collars were created the same, particularly for dogs with necks wider than their heads, like greyhounds. Choke collars and slip collars are designed to tighten (and keep tightening) when a dog pulls on them, this can cause injury to dogs like greyhounds.

A martingale collar keeps dogs safely on-leash without choking or injuring them. The collars consist of two loops, the first looks like a traditional nylon collar which is adjusted to your dog’s neck. The second loop provides control when the leash is attached.  The collar sits loosely around your dogs’ neck, and only tightening when necessary (like when your dog is backing out). They are usually made from fabric and distribute pressure evenly around the neck.


  • Prevents your dog from slipping out of the leash
  • Do not tighten past the width of the dog’s neck
  • Provide control without injuring your dog
  • Great to help train your dog not to pull on their leash
With loads of choices on the market, it’s important to select a collar that fits your dog. Each brand also has it’s own sizing, so one size does not fit all.

Measure the base of your dog’s skull (just behind the ears) and speak to your local pet store about what collar is best for your dog. They also come in loads of colours and styles so you can cater to your dog’s individual flair.