How to protect paws from hot surfaces

As much as dogs have evolved to become part of the urban jungle we now live in, their paws were not designed to handle man-made surfaces such as pavement, concrete and wooden decks. These surfaces can become scorching hot during the Aussie summer, causing your pooch to burn their feet.
Here a few tips to keep your dog cool and paw injury-free this summer:
Time your walks
When the thermometer hits 40+ degrees as it so often does during summer, morning, and evening walks are more pleasant for both dogs and owners alike. Not only will surfaces be much cooler, but you can also avoid heatstroke.
Stick to natural surfaces
Try going for walks on natural surfaces such as grass or dirt and avoid concrete pavements and bitumen.
Dry paws are more susceptible to cracking, peeling, and cuts as well as make them more prone to burns on hot pavement. Pawpaw ointment is a natural product that can be used to preemptively treat as well as help soothe burnt paws.
Invest in doggy shoes
If you haven’t already, you should invest in a good pair of dog shoes. They protect your dog from cuts, wounds, and burns as well as protect against painful injuries to greyhounds dewclaw. It’s important to note that:
  • You should have shoes properly fitted for your individual dog
  • There will be an adjustment period as dogs generally don’t like the sensation of their paws being covered
  • You should not leave them on for a prolonged period of time as this will affect your dogs' internal temperature regulation processes