Beach activities for you and your pooch

There's nothing like an Aussie summer spent at the beach. Running across the hot sand to find your perfect spot and jumping into the surf to cool down is a right of passage and signifies the start of a long Aussie summer.

Most dogs enjoy the beach as much as we do, the open space allows them to feed their curiosity, release pent up energy, and fill their lungs with salty cold air. Additionally, it will allow you and your pooch to strengthen your bond and create life long memories.
There are countless activities you can do at the beach with your dog that can be tailored for their energy levels.

Long walks on the beach

As cliché as it sounds, you and your greyhound can benefit from long walks on the beach at your own pace. You can start with a jog along the shoreline to get their heart rate going and wind down with a slow walk to end your adventure.


While your dog will enjoy a good game of fetch in any environment, the beach offers an exciting playground of sensory stimulation for them. You can play fetch with just about any item (whether it's a large stick you've found on the sand or a ball or frisbee you've packed just for the occasion). If your dog is confident in the water, try throwing the item for them to retrieve in the surf.

Doggy paddle

We're sure this term was invented by the dogs who consider themselves more dolphin than pooch. Some dogs take to the water like ducks! If this is the case, you can spend hours frolicking in the surf with your pooch.

Build sandcastles

This may sound like an odd one, but if you think about your dogs' favourite things to do, we bet they include digging and destroying things. Build sandcastles and let your doggo enjoy tearing them down.
Hidden treasure
Pack some of your dogs favourite toys and hide them under the sand. Your dog's keen sense of smell will have them locating the item and digging them out in no time.


Enjoy some quiet time with your companion and ensure your pack some of their favourite foods into your picnic basket so you can both enjoy the view while chowing down on delicious treats.
Always remember to pack adequate water for you and your pooch, doggy doo doo bags, food, and a leash in case you need to tether your dog. It's also a good idea to bring a towel or sheet for the car to make easy cleaning of all the sand that your pooch will no doubt take with them as a souvenir!