How to include your dog in Christmas celebrations

As we busily prepare for Christmas with family and friends, you should also consider how your furry friend can be integrated into the festivities and share the Christmas cheer. Your greyhound is as much a family member as Uncle Tom or Aunty Janet and there’s plenty of ways you can ensure that your pooch is included in family celebrations:

Pooch-friendly Christmas lunch

There's no reason why they shouldn't chow down on a delicious home-cooked dinner along with everyone else. Consider adding fully cooked protein like turkey or chicken to their bowl, with a side of healthy (dog-friendly) veggies such as green beans, sweet potato, and pumpkin. Moderation is key as changing their diet too suddenly can cause stomach upset.
Work off the meal
Nothing works off a full belly like a good game of fetch. Once you have finished Christmas lunch, no doubt your guests will enjoy a good opportunity to stretch their legs and settle their stomachs. Head into the backyard and enjoy a good game of fetch with your pooch and let them work off some energy before they settle down for the night.

Opening gifts

The flurry of wrapping paper and exciting sounds of gifts being opened is a wonderful time for your dog, but it can also cause them to become a nuisance if they become overzealous with the discarded wrapping paper. If you have bought gifts for your pooch, open those first so that your dog is distracted by their new toy, while you resume the gift opening ritual.

Quiet time

Christmas can be loud, frenzied, and stressful for humans, and even more so for dogs. Just like we enjoy quiet spaces to escape when it all gets too much, so too do dogs. Ensure you have a designated area away from guests for your pooch to retreat to when it all gets too much.
Above all, take the time to really kick back and enjoy this time with all of your friends and family (furballs included).