Is there such a thing as doggy detox?

We have all felt the dreaded bloat after a big Christmas lunch or dinner, and the associated guilt with eating way too much over the festive season as we catch up with our family and friends to celebrate the year.

New year's resolutions always begin with the best intentions – eating better, exercising more, and perhaps a detox to kickstart our guts from all of the indulgent things we've eaten over Christmas.
While you've been eating your way through social events, we're almost certain your pooch has also indulged. Whether they've received some extra scraps from the table from unsuspecting guests or children, or they've had a few additional yummy treats added to their bowl as a Christmas treat – your dog may also benefit from a natural detox.

Unlike humans, it's not safe for dogs to undertake dramatic diet changes. There are, however, natural remedies that dogs can utilise to aid in their gut health and restore organ function:

Green Power: Herbs such as curcumin, ginger, and cayenne act as strong antioxidants and help repair DNA. Leafy greens such as spinach and broccoli can help reduce inflammation. Try introducing these ingredients (in small doses) into your dog's food.

Probiotics: Probiotics do amazing things for your dogs' gut health including helping to restore good gut bacteria, help with digestion, remove mercury from the body, and eliminate waste in the intestine. Probiotics supplements can be bought over the counter and added to your dog's food.

Prebiotics: Prebiotics occur naturally in high fibre foods such as carrots, beetroot, spirulina, wheatgrass, and barley grass. These are rich in antioxidants and helps to restore the body's natural detoxification function.
Filtered water: Encourage your greyhound to drink plenty of filtered water to help flush out their system, and break up toxin deposits. The filtration process removes chlorine, fluoride, and chemical residues from the water.
Happy herbs: There are a variety of herbs available that can assist in organ function. Liver function can be improved from herbs such a dandelion root, nettle leaf, and turmeric. Ground flaxseed or senna can assist in the removal of intestinal mucus.
You may see some quick and very visible changes in your companion, including more energy, heightened awareness, clearer eyes as well as a shinier and fuller coat.
If you are looking to undertake doggy detox, consult your vet for the most appropriate remedy for your dog before you begin your journey together.