Pebbles Hydrotherapy

Pebbles came into the GAP program when her owner/trainer needed some help in rehabilitating her. Pebbles was unfortunately born with deformed back legs. Her right leg performed mostly as a normal hind leg would, but her femur is slightly curved. Her left leg, however, was not being used and was affecting her movement. Our gap GAP staff member Hayley was able to foster, and she put her hand up to take Pebbles on for however long, or short that would be. When she initially came into Hayley's home, she had no name. Her partner affectionately called her Pebbles as, because of that left leg, she used to hobble along like she was walking barefoot on little rocks!
After several veterinary consultations with general practice vets and specialists, we decided to remove the left hind leg. Pebbles went in to have her amputation done at Sydney Animal Hospital Kellyville, one of GAP Western Sydney's fantastic treating vets. She came home the next day with me so that I could provide her with her post-operative care. She travelled to and from work every day and was the office assistant for 4-6 weeks. Once she was feeling better, and her stitches were removed, Pebbles began staying at home with her foster brothers, Harvey (adopted from GAP) and Sulley.

Another vet visit found that there was a risk that surgery would not go well on her remaining hind leg, so we decided not to go ahead with any further surgical procedures. Instead, Pebbles has been on rosehip vital for her joints and has been doing hydrotherapy at K9 Swim in Freemans Reach to help build up her muscles.
The hydrotherapy has been incredible, and Pebbles is now living very happily with her foster family that consists of her foster mum and dad, two dogs, two cats and a horse! She is a charming and affectionate girl who wins over everyone she meets, Pebbles attitude to life is something we could all learn from – what an extraordinary greyhound!