5 ways to be an eco-friendly dog owner

By www.gapnsw.com.au
Now more than ever, we have seen a huge shift towards earth-loving products and practices. Products on supermarkets shelves now proudly call out the level of ‘biodegradable’ ingredients used to manufacture their products, huge stamps call out sustainably certified practices and we have even seen a shift in fast food chains now using paper straws.
Eco-friendly living has become a way of life and has influenced every industry, from the way we build our houses, the types of food we consume, and even how we care for our dogs. So, how can you become a more eco-friendly dog owner? Here's a few changes you can make to reduce your eco-guilt:

     Biodegradable poop bags: Clean up after your dog and help keep the environment clean by choosing biodegradable poop bags. Unlike traditional plastic bags, biodegradable bags are made from plant materials that break down naturally over time and limit the impact on the environment.

2.     Plant your own veggie patch: Planting a veggie patch is a great way to cut down on the cost of fresh food as well as the consumption of processed food for both you and your pooch. Designate a green patch in your garden and plant veggies such as kale, cucumber, carrots, spinach, and green beans. Add these to your dogs' meals will boost their bone health, immune function, and gut health – it's a win-win!  

     Compost your poop: Instead of sending your poop to landfill, consider composting it. If you have an existing compost bin, please ensure you have a separate composter for your dog doo doo, which can be used on trees, shrubs, and non-edible plants.

4.    Vote with your wallet: Consider purchasing your pet products from companies that truly believe in eco-friendly practices. While these products may be (not always) slightly more expensive than others, you're sending a message to the industry that changes need to happen because consumers demand more from their product suppliers.

     Donate your old items: If you're tossing out old collars, beds, toys, blankets, etc, consider giving them a second life by donating them to a shelter or dog rescue. 

We want you all to have a safe and happy Easter, including your four-legged companion.