Tips on starting a hygiene routine for your pooch

While life moves at pace and we are busy doing the things we know are important for our dog, like feeding them nutritious food, setting aside time for walks and play, and occasionally visiting the Vet – it can be easy to forget a very important aspect of maintaining a healthy pooch. What we are talking about is hygiene.

The easiest way to get on top of your best friend's hygiene is to set a routine. Not only will this keep your dog in ship shape, but your dog will thrive on the consistency in their schedule.
Here are 3 simple things you can work into your weekly routine.

Regular teeth brushing

While we accept that this may not be the easiest task, the more you do it, the more the practice will become habitual and therefore accepted. Experts recommend brushing everyday however this may not always be practical. Try and brush your dogs' teeth at least 2-3 times per week to improve their teeth and gum health and prevent oral disease.
If you are just starting this routine, we would recommend:

1.    Introduce the idea of toothbrushing slowly
2.    Find a toothpaste flavour that is similar to their favourite treats
3.    Give loads of verbal and physical praise so that you build a positive association with the task
It’s also wise to schedule a visit to the dentist at least once a year.

Bedding, blankets, and toys
Bedding, blankets, and toys should ideally be cleaned once a week to remove bacteria, allergens and minimise odours inside the home. Beds, blankets, and stuffed toys can easily be loaded into the washing machine (separate from your own clothing) with ¼ cup of vinegar and set to the hottest wash. Hard toys made from rubber and silicone are easy to clean by simply soaking them in hot water with some vinegar for 15 minutes.

Bowls and feeding equipment

Food and water bowls can be one of the dirtiest items in the home, containing harmful bacteria that can cause stomach upset.
Your dogs' bowls should be washed daily with hot (mild) soapy water. Better yet if you have a dishwasher, purchase dishwasher safe bowls that you can throw straight in.