Training Trina

At GAPNSW we celebrate the uniqueness of all our dogs, we truly believe that their individual personalities and quirks make them all beautiful in their own way.

This story is about one of our favourites – Trina.

When Trina came to us she was very apprehensive of starting her new life as a pet. The GAP NSW team at Wyee spent much time working with Trina to grow her confidence and make her feel safe and secure in her new adoption centre family. They also spent time teaching her new skills she would need for life with a new owner.

It took some time, but eventually the team effort started to pay off and Trina started to find comfort and interest in her new lifestyle. She was able to join the other greyhounds at the adoption centre on their long walks in the big wide world and even stopped reacting to the sound of cars and trucks whizzing past on the road.

In August 2020, all the stars aligned when Sarah reached out to GAP with an interest in adopting Trina. Sarah understood all of Trina's quirks and did her research on how to care for a dog with specific needs such as Trina. When Sarah first spoke to the GAP team she said “Trina sounds absolutely wonderful. I have looked at her photos and she is absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to meet her and hopefully give her a loving home.”

And when the day came, it was love at first sight.

Trina has now become an integral part of Sarah’s life, she describes how her life has changed because:

“Trina has filled my home with so much love and excitement. It is just us two and I couldn’t be happier. Every morning I wake up and she is there beside me and ready to play. As soon as I get home from work she is so excited to greet me, I think I miss her as much as she misses me when I’m not home.”

Sarah has been happy with the journey so far and has shared some kind words to describe her experience.

"GAP has been amazing. The girls have always answered any call or text, always able to answer all my questions, and support me in any way I need throughout this process. Trina is a special girl and I've needed a bit of guidance with her and they have made that transition so smooth over the last 3 months. The girls from GAP bend over backwards to help in any way possible. I already recommend GAP to anyone interested in a companion, as I've found the love of my life and best".