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How to take care of a short coat

Beagles, Boxers, Dachshunds, and Greyhounds all have one thing in common (apart from being dogs) they all have short hair which makes them low maintenance and easy-to-groom pets. They also tend to shed less, which means less cleaning up for you.
Whilst maintenance of short-haired coats is minimal, it’s still important to ensure your pooch is getting the grooming it needs.
  1. Brushing: Brush your dog every couple of days with a rubber brush or mit to remove dead hair and loosen and remove any build-up of dirt and oil under their coat, particularly after a walk and play in the park. It will also distribute its natural oils evenly through its coat for a shiny and healthy finish.
  2. Washing: Enlist the ‘smell test’ and only bathe your dog when it’s required (like if they have rolled around in mud and dirt). Bathing too often can strip the dog of essential oils it needs to keep its coat healthy and lead to dandruff and other skin conditions.
  3. Be observant: Use this opportunity to check your dogs’ overall health. Look inside their mouth and check their teeth, check their ears and paw pads and run your hand over their body to check their coat.
If you’re reading this article and thinking ‘it’s time to get a greyhound’, you’re right! There’s no time like the present and here are a few more reasons to fall in love with greyhounds:

●      Their short coats and low oil production, means they don’t have the ‘dog smell’ that’s synonymous with owners of long hair dogs

●      Greyhounds were bred for their performance, so they don’t suffer the same common health issues as other large dog breeds

●      They are super affectionate and crave your love and attention always, and their short coats mean you won’t get a lot of hair fall out when they are curled up on your lap or in your bed.