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Greyhounds As Pets Partners With Real Pet Foods Company

By GAP Media
Greyhounds As Pets NSW is delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with food supplier Real Pet Foods Company (RPFC).
The partnership will see RPFC supply a high-quality food - their Australian made, natural dog food, Ivory Coat - which will benefit the general well-being and health of all GAP NSW greyhounds.
“At Greyhounds As Pets, we are very excited to be able to enter into this partnership with Real Pet Foods,” GAP NSW General Manager Dr Alicia Fuller said.
“There are benefits for everyone with this partnership, first and foremost for our greyhounds, who will now all be given one of the industry-leading natural & Australian made products, Ivory Coat.
“This new arrangement will also be very beneficial when it comes time for our animals to move into their new homes, as GAP NSW and RPFC will supply Ivory Coat dog food as part of our Adoption Pack, which we believe will make for an easier transition into the adoptees’ new homes.
“But we hope this partnership will be more than just food supply, and we are looking at working together with Real Pet Food on educational material around the importance of diet and feeding, and particularly around the balance of nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals in feed to provide all dogs the ideals that are essential for a long, happy and healthy life.
“We believe this partnership will be of benefit to everyone in GAP NSW’s ever-growing family.”
RPFC are also excited about the partnership, and playing a role in supporting the rehoming work which GAP NSW does.
“At RPFC, we believe every pet deserves a happy home and so we are excited to partner with GAP to support the rehoming of greyhounds and assisting in ensuring the greyhounds have the essential nutrition they need with Ivory Coat .” says David Grant, CEO of RPFC.